How Blogs Make Millions of Dollars off Other Peoples Content.

A few weeks ago I came across an article about DIY Ready and how they make millions from other people’s content.

The best part? It’s legit.

So, this blog will simply post pictures and information from someone’s blog then link back to them. Whoever they link back to loves it because they get a backlink.

Why do they use content from other blogs?

Speed, they can churn out post like it’s nothing and spend more time promoting. Promoting is something I need to do more of, as some of you might know it’s very important.

You could write the best article in the word but with no promotion it’s nothing.

I’m going to show you how DIY Ready is making so much money. They are simply using a tool to speed blog.

I was going to do a speed blogging review in this article, but I wanted to focus on the DIY website.


How To Use Other Peoples Content To Make Millions.

  • Start a niche related blog
  • Use speed blogging to post content.
  • Promote the hell out of it


Now I don’t use the term “millions” lightly, In fact only a few people actually make millions from blogging online.

But this is different, DIY Ready gets over 1.3 million visits a month and it’s actually truly making millions from this method.

I’m thinking of doing this myself with a new niche related blog, seriously it’s a genius idea.


The Problem With Blogging

A stupid amount of blogs start up every week, it blows my mind. This makes it insanely hard to get noticed.

If you’re like me and spend hours making a blog post perfect and not leaving time to promote it, we aren’t achieving what we should be achieving.

I need to change up my game. I won’t be using anyone else’s content on this blog, but the problem with blogging is “time”.

So I was trying to figure out how DIY Ready had the time to post and build up 1.3 million visits a month.

I figured it out.


So How Do They Really Do It?

By using programs like Speed Blogging. Even though I wasn’t going to do a review about it in this article I have added a video below.

This is seriously the secret, It gives you the ability to post and spend more time promoting.

The admins of DIY Ready are very smart, they found the most popular niche on Pinterest then blogged using someone else’s content and promote it back to Pinterest.

It’s genius and they make it all possible by spending more time on the promotion.

I’ve also done a quick speed blogging review below on my youtube channel.

Take a look at these stats, they dominate Pinterest.

how to make money with website online


This isn’t the only blog doing it. Do you notice all those annoying clickbait blogs that pop up on Facebook?

This is how they also churn out content fast for promotion that makes them the big bucks. It’s all about that promotion.

Check out this article on 14 refreshing recipes.

All they do is go to 14 different websites then speed blog it with a link out to the original blog.


chris record

How easy is that! Do that 14 times and you have a post about detox water.

I’ll show you how to do it the easy way.


Why Speed Blogging is Important

Speed blogging is a tool that lets you make a post like the one above in minutes. I suspect the post above would of been done in 5-10 minutes.

Without a tool like this it would take you a lot longer to do it manually.

Let’s take a look.

So with speed blogging you can add anything to your post with the click of a button. Video, picture or whatever you want. It’s a chrome extension.

You simply hit right click then speed blog it and it automatically adds it to speed blog where your blog will be connected.



It adds the source and image with the click of a bottom! I had no idea things like this even existed.

website are making millions


You can then add any other info you need just like a regular post in your blog. You can do the SEO score just like any other SEO plugin.




You can do the same with any video on the internet, A little icon will pop up on the left

blogging online and making money


You can do it with facebook or any social media platform… You can do it with anything!


making money online with a blog

The Promotion

Now that these blogs have a simple post they then promote it.. in a big way. Most of their time goes towards promotion.

It’s the key to online success, we must remember the internet is huge and it’s easy to get stuck in a corner.

These guys are pros and creating stupidly easy content within minutes and promoting it but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

It’s easy, I bet you hear that a lot but it actually is. Using something like speed blogging you can simply make some content then find where your audience is hanging out and promote it.

Just need to get a little creative.


Final Words

This is just another method of making money that I had no idea bout.

How do they make money? from Adsense and Amazon Products.

I wanted to share this with you guys because it’s actually a simple yet effective way to go about things.

With a little hard work at the start, it could really pay off.

Feel free to check out my speed blogging review video.


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