How to Earn Rewards By Reviewing Places You Have Visited in Your Travel

When you are traveling, you will get to visit many different places. Most of these places that you visit can be expensive, for example, dining at a restaurant, or drinking coffee at a cafe. To get the most out of your trips, you can contribute to Google Local Guide by writing reviews on each of the places that you have visited.

Doing so gives you opportunity to earn some rewards while you are having fun in your travel. Your reviews will be able to give valuable insights to other travelers who are also thinking of visiting the place. Writing reviews of the places that you have visited can earn you the most points. The longer and more detailed your review is, the more points you can earn. As a reward for providing a long review, you can earn 10 bonus points.

The 10 bonus points is automatically awarded if the word count is longer than 200 characters. Besides, if you regularly contribute long reviews, people will see you as an experienced traveler and comment on your reviews. You can use the reviews that you have posted on Google Local Guides as your resume when you want to work as an online travel guide.

Many areas are taken into account in the calculation of the full point for your review. For each review that you contribute, you will earn 10 points. To earn full points, make sure you include photo (5 points per), video (7 poins per), place (15 points per), and facts (1 point per).

Besides, you can also earn points in other ways such as rating or posting a comment on another person’s review (1 point), respond to Q&A (3 points). The more points you earn, the higher the level you will achieve.

There are 10 levels with points requirement ranging from 0 point (Level 1) – 100,000 points (Level 10). If you achieve level 4 and higher, you will receive a badge. Every new level that you attain also unlock many other perks. For example, when you reach level 4, you will be eligible to get featured on social media channels. Usually, the rewards that you can exchange when you are in the lower levels of Level 1 – 4 are not that attractive.

If you want to exchange for merchandises, you must have enough points to reach Level 5 or higher. The only rewards that you can exchange are the ones stated for each level at the Google Local Guides site. The rewards that can be exchanged change every year so you must check back the Google Local Guides site often.

You can review just about any place that you’ve visited, for example, coffee shop, laundry shop, cafetaria, library, convenience store and etc as long as you can find the place on Google Map. The rewards points that you have accumulated can be used to exchanged for a wide selection of goodies such as OYO Room, Google drive storage, t-shirts, and other goodies. From time to time, Google will host contests for the Local Guides. However, these contests can only be participated by Local Guides that reside in selected countries only.

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