How To Earn Up To $15/Hour as a Search Engine Evaluator

Are you interested in earning up to $15/hr as a Search Engine Evaluator? You can help improve search results for a few of the word's largest search engine companies. This is one of the most flexible work at home opportunities.The role of a Search Engine Evaluator is not widely known. This is a person whose work involves using different phrases and words by entering them in a search engine so that he or she can determine if the results seen, match the outcome desired.  By typing in the key phrase and then evaluate the results it brings up, he or she can then find out just how relevant and informative the query results are. The evaluator will then offer suggestions on how the results can be improved following extensive reporting on the same.

It is important that the evaluator work with more than one website to query for the results.  Often they are employed by people who are looking to develop or who own a search engine.  By evaluating and providing information on his or her findings, the evaluator provides the company with valuable information that allows them to understand better how humans interact with the search engines.  This in turn means that they can create or modify their search engine to enhance user experience.

Another way that an evaluator adds value is by determining just how well the company’s services are doing on different utilities. By running a list of key words and key phrases that are relevant to the line of work, they can find out the necessary information and translate it into something that can easily be understood by management.  They will then understand whether or not their business has been successful and if search engines have been tracking their website.  With this information they are able to make the necessary changes to ensure that search engines locate the site much easier.

Needful Skills

In order to work as a search engine evaluator you will need:

  • Analytical and internet research skills
  • Computer fluency
  • A College degree and above or working towards getting one
  • Pass the company’s test
  • Problem solving skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Good English and English comprehension

Since the position is often a telecommuter one, it is important that you have a computer with high speed internet. A healthy dose of self-discipline will also come in handy since you will be working without supervision.

Companies that Hire Search Engine Evaluators

There are several companies that hire for this position as named below:

  1. Leapforce – This is a large organization that often hires people to work from home in this position.  They pay $13.50 an hour and also hire bilingual employees to carry out the same services.  Some of the languages they need include Turkish, Chinese, Persian, Korean and Spanish.  They have a 3 part test and you have a target to meet each month.
  2. Appen Butler Hill – This company offers $14 per hour and hires evaluators for the US and other countries as well.  They take 15 hours to train you for the job ahead and once you are done training you can work as many as 20 hours every week.
  3. Zero Chaos – This company hires people who live in the United States only and the pay is $15 per hour.  The employees must be native English speakers and it hires on contract basis yearly.  They work with Google and is therefore a very large organization.  You can put in as many as 30 hours weekly.  The company was formerly known as Workforce Logic.
  4. iSoftStone – This is another large company that is publicly traded.  It hires search engine evaluators to telecommute.  The company’s contracts are few and as such the positions tend to be limited.  Pay is below the industry standard at $12 per hour.  Their job application requirements are less rigorous as are the training requirements.  This makes it a great place to start your career as a Search Engine Evaluator.
  5. Lionbridge – They offer a wide range of tasks to those who work for them and offer them a pay of $13.50 per hour. You can work for as many as 20 hours every week.  Not only do they hire contractors within the country, they offer opportunities to those who live out of the country as well.  The training period is a bit long and tends to be unpaid, but once you are done with that, you can start making some real money.
  6. SwagBucks – They have come up with their own search engine and are paying people to use it.  So every time you make a search, you earn SwagBucks with you can then exchange either for a gift card or for hard cash.  If you need to use the internet anyway, why not do so and make some money too?!

Final Words

It is important that you find out more about these organizations by browsing their website and digging up as much information as possible before signing up.  You will not need to have any particular work experience to get the job done but of course if you have some work experience in general, it will be considered a plus.  As you can tell from the requirements that each company is asking for, you do need to have the required language skills and you will need to have the right language fluency and reside in the country of choice.  Sometimes you may be required to have a good understanding of the culture of the people in a specific country, or to have resided in the said country for a specific period of time.

A key benefit of working as a search engine evaluator is that you will have flexible time to work.  You have access to the system around the clock meaning that you can work late into the night, early mornings or whenever your schedule allows.  Because you do not have to give specific work hours, you can work whenever you get the time. You may find that the company gives you a minimum amount of work hours that you must put in monthly, but when you do the work will be up to you. This makes it an ideal position for those who can’t work regular hours.

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