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How to Earn Up to Rs.50,000 from Freelancing

Many people have took up freelancing to bring in supplemental income to the family. If you get a lot of jobs, you can even quit your day time job and work from home. Upwork is the best freelance job board which beginners should join when they areĀ  just starting out.

If you have no idea what field to specialize in, you can visit Upwork and reference the categories of freelance jobs there. It is recommended that you specialize in a freelance scope that you are best at. The easiest freelance job you can do at home are writing, translation and admin work. It is worthwhile to spend time developing a few freelance skills that are in demand.

The second step is to register for an account at Upwork and type your profile. When someone is considering to hire you, he/she will check out your profile to learn more about your background. Therefore, if you want to get a lot of projects, you must write a professional bio that is at least 1 paragraph long. The bio should contain information like competitive advantage, and how you will do your best in the client’s assignment. You must not forget to upload a portfolio to show prospective clients about your previous work. It is also necessary to upload a photo print of your head shot.

Once you have written your bio, you can start placing bids on jobs. When you bid for jobs, you have to submit a proposal telling the client why he should hire you. You will come across 2 types of jobs including fixed price and hourly jobs. Before submitting the proposal, you should always read the job requirements carefully. On Upwork, you are allowed to bid 30 jobs for free every month.

It is important to check the job board for new job listings every now and then. If the listing is old, the hirer may have already found someone to do the job. As you complete jobs, you will get rating assigned to you by your customers. Maintaining a good rating on your profile can increase the chances of people hiring you.

When composing a proposal, you can include information such as ask questions on missing details in the job description, how much time you need to complete the job, and a link to your best work. If you are new, you can mention about giving discounts for the order. When bidding on job, the best price to bid is the market rate. It is not smart to bid too low or people will think you have lousy skill and not hire you. You can try bidding a price that is slightly lower than the market price.

When you get a response, you must quickly login and rely back to the customer. It is important to stay online all the time so that you can be alerted when you receive a response to your proposal. The client may want to chat with you on a messanger like Skype so make sure you already have Skype installed and is login all the time. After getting hired, make sure you specify the payment terms and clarify all the job details once more. Upon completing the work, you can withdraw funds via the local fund transfer option.

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