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3 Ways to Generate Solid Passive Income with Your Website

Having a website is essential if you want to earn a significant income online. A website is like a shop and you can monetize it through various channels. Setting up a website that is profitable is no easy task as it takes a lot of traffic in order to see some income coming in. The following are the 3 most common ways people use to monetize their websites.

1. Selling Affiliate Products
You can make a website and fill it with informative content. In the content, you can include a link to related affiliate product. The affiliate link contains a tracking code that is linked to your account. You earn a commission every time someone click through the link and make a purchase. Nowadays, sellers of all kinds of merchandises are allowing affiliates to promote their products. Flipkart, Amazon affiliate program, and Snapdeal are the most popular among affiliate marketers.

At first, the amount that you earn is small because you don’t know how to promote it. It is important not to give up and keep on trying until you make a sale. As you become more experienced, you will know how to earn a regular stream of income from affiliate marketing. An example of a successful affiliate is Harsh Agrawal who has generate a passive income of over 48 Lakh through promoting affiliate products on his site.

2. Publishing Ads on Your Website
The second method is to display ads on your site. Whenever someone click on your ad, you will earn a few cents to a few dollars. Google Adsense is an example. The amount you get from a click is not fixed and can go up/down depending on various factors. If you have lots of websites with decent traffic, publishing ads on your site will probably work in bringing in income. Before you can make money by displaying ads, you must first have an established site.

Different companies have different requirements on approving a site. To increase the chance of your site getting approved, make sure you update your site regularly with fresh content. Ideally, you should start a website on a small niche like health food recipes. Regardless of the type of niche you do, you must fill it with informative content that can help others.

3. Provide Lessons on a Topic You are Good at
The third method is to provide paid lessons on a subject that you are skilled at to people online. Alternatively, you can set up a system that invite other people to provide lessons through your site. You can collect a commission from the tuition fee that they collect from the students. The lessons can be on any subject such as English, Math, programming, and graphic designing.

Every day, there are people searching the web to learn about something. You can write e-books and sell them on your website. The e-book must contain information that are not find elsewhere so that people will be eager to buy and read it.

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