How to Get traffic to a New Blog and Make Money?

Today We are Discussing on familiar topics Like How to Get Traffic for Your Blog and then How to Make Money from it?
We Will Break This Article in Two Parts. First Part Will Explain the Methods of Getting Traffic and Second Part Will Explain Money Making Methods from a blog. So Without Wasting To Much Time Lets Start With Part-1.

How to Get Traffic to a New Blog?

This is the biggest Questions Everyone would Ask Experts While starting a carrier in blogging. Many of them Fail in Blogging not because they don’t get Right Advice but due to Wrong Use of all those Ideas Gives By Experts. So in this Tutorial we will Provide Step by Step Guide to get Legal Traffic to Your Blog as fast as Possible.

#1 Use Facebook and Twitter to Drive Traffic

Facebook and Twitter are Most Popular Social Media Sites that can Drive you Lot of Traffic for Your Blog.
So Don’t Miss out on a Huge Amount of traffic.

  • Create a Fan page of Your Blog on Facebook, Promote it With Your Friends.
  • Like and Follow Your Favorite Bloggers Fan Pages and Share their Content to Create a Network.
  • Give Always Some Freebies With Your Facebook fans and Twitter Followers.
  • Help Other on these Social Sites to Build Some Trust.
  • Update Your Pages and Id’s frequently Sharing Some Important Information from your Blog.

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#2 Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is an Old but effective way to Create Backlinks and Drive Some Traffic.

  • Create a List of Dofollow and Nofollow Blogs and then Start Commenting on them Frequently. Don’t Try to put Spam Comments Like “Thanks Fort Sharing” or something similar. it Will not drive any Traffic. Read Posts of all those Blogs Carefully and Share some more information about that topic in the comments so readers will get attracted to get some New Information from your comment and then like to open your Blog.
  • Comment on Each and Every Site which You Open While Reading Articles. People Often Read Articles From their Favorite blogs but for any Reason don’t tend to comment on these blogs.
  • Try to Become Top Commentator of Blogs who have Top Commenter widget Installed. It will feature you on their blogs and drive huge traffic to your blog.
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#3 Video Blogging

Video Blogging is Getting Popular Day by Day. So Tighten Your Seat Belts and Drive Some more Traffic.

  • If you Feel Easy and Comfortable in front of a Camera then Record Some Videos sharing Some of Your Knowledge. Upload that Videos on YouTube , Dailymotion , Vimeo , Metacafe with Your Blog Link. That Will Bring Huge Traffic if you Video has Some Cool topic.
  • Make Some Keyword Research Before Creating Videos and use 2-3 Main Keywords in Title of a Video to make it more search Friendly.
  • If You don’t want to Speak on a Camera then Create a Video Presentation With Photos and Music.
  • Watch my First Video on YouTube i have created long Time Ago when i was Beginner in this Field.

#4 Social bookmarking Sites Like Digg , StumbleUpon , delicious

You Must have Known About these Sites Long Time Ago While you were not a blogger. They all has Decent Amount of Users that can be useful for bloggers.

  • Share Your Content on these Sites can Get you thousands of Visitors per day if your content has something to talk about.
  • All these Sites Provide Decent Subscribers for your site which are real readers.

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#5 Start Guest blogging

Guest Blogging in the past done only to get some Dofollow Backlinks but with change of Google Algorithms and Increase in Spamming. Meaning of Guest Blogging has Changed. Today it is Done to get some exposure for your writing skills on Authority Blogs.They Will not only Provide Some Link Juice but also give you lot of Permanent Readers who get Impressed with your Writing Skills.

  • Find Some Authority Blogs that Accepts Guest Posts and Read All Guidelines before submitting Article to them.
  • Don’t choose Very Popular Blogs to Guest post , choose Some Medium Blogs that Will Accept your Posts Quicker. I Will Advice to Guest Post on PR2 or PR3 Blogs in beginning.
  • Choose Some Unique Topics to Create Post that Attracts blog Owners to Accept your Guest Article.

Use Guest Posting For Effective Link Building

This is an End of Part 1 of our Article. Now We Start on Second Part .

How to Monetize your Blog to Make Money?

Everyone Creates Blogs to Make Some Income. But only Few of them manages to do so.Because of Wrong Methods to Monetize their Blogs. So We are Sharing All Possible Methods of Making money with Blogging.

#1 Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is a Commonly used Method on Monetization. Their are Major Ad Networks Like Adsense , Infolinks , chitika which can earn your huge income based on your traffic quantity.

  • Don’t Need Any Extra Skills. Just have to Drive Traffic to your blog and place banners.
  • Doesn’t Necessary to have Large Amount of traffic to make money.
  • Ad Networks Available for both large and small Bloggers.
  • If You don’t get accepted with Adsense then Try these 16 Adsense Best High Paying Adsense Alternatives

#2 Direct Ad Space Selling

Direct AD Selling can Earn You Large Amount of Money but to sell Ads you Need your Blog to Fulfill Minimum Requirements.

  • Different Ad Selling Buying Networks have Different Minimum Requirements like BuySellAds so try Your Best to Fulfill All Requirements.
  • Place “Advertise With us” Page on Your Blog. Advertiser Interested in Advertising on your Blog will Content you through that page. Mention All Prices of Ad Spaces on that Page with Contact Information.
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 #3 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is Unique way to Make Income by Selling Various Products though Your Affiliate Link. Income from this Source Remain depended on your Traffic because Higher Traffic will get higher sales which means Higher Commission. Affiliate Companies Like Ebay , Commission Junction , Amazon , Clickbank are Best to Earn Huge Amount of Income.

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#4 Paid Reviews

Paid Reviews is another way to earn income but this will only happen if your Blog has Good Page Rank  and Huge Traffic.Their are Many Sites Like Review me , Sponsored Reviews that can Earn You Decent Amount of Money.

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#5 Teaching . Providing Services

If You have Some Teaching Experience then it may Prove like a Gold Because Teaching Bloggers are Bright future in coming days . You Can Also Make Money by providing different Services Like SEO Consultation , Web Designing , etc.


All these Money Making Ideas will get Successful only when your Blog has Decent Traffic . So in Beginning Focus on Sharing Quality Content and Building some consistent traffic before thinking about Making Money.

If You Any Confusion or want to Ask Any Question, then don’t feel shy to ask Via Comments?

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