How to Increase Domain Authority?

As you can see, DA 33 and PA 43. So, it’s time to get some knowledge. Oh ! Yeah ! So, that, you can also improve DA of your blog.

What is Domain Authority ?

Domain Authority is Term Used by Moz to Calculate Site Trust and Popularity in search Engine. It Depends on Many Different Factors. There are 40+ Factors that Mixed Together to Predict the Performance of Website in Search Engine.

Domain Authority Can be used to Compare One Website with Another as it provides very accurate metrics. You can easily beat your competitors using these metrics. You must have seen many High DA sites are ranking well in search engine. So, it might be a good replacement to Google’ Page Rank. Although DA doesn’t effect websites ranking directly. But it is a common sense that, High DA sites must have some good quality backlinks, that’s why their Domain Authority is high, which means they will rank high in search engine. So, no direct benefit, but indirect benefit.

When it comes to accuracy, Moz has different metrics like Moz Rank, Moz Trust, Page Authority which are totally related to DA. In simple words, Moz is really serious about these algorithms that can determine the accurate authority of any site.

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How Moz Determine Domain Authority?

There are 40+ different factors which come under inspection when Moz calculate DA of any Website. They scan each factor very closely, including minor factors like Loading Speed also. So, 99 times out of 100 , DA gives most accurate impression about any website.

How to Check Domain Authority?

It’s Easy with Open Site Explorer and Moz Browser Toolbar. Both Allows User’s to Check Domain Authority . Additionally, these tools Provides More Information About MozRank , Page Authority, Number of Links , etc.

How to Improve/Increase Domain Authority?

#1 Improve Site Structure

Site Structure plays an important Role in Any ranking as Your Website Must Follow Below Given Steps:-

  • You need to create an easy site structure. So, that user can navigate to every part of the site without any difficulty. Use sidebar section to provide the latest news to your visitors.
  • Reduce Size of your Web Pages to Make them Load Fast. User Might Not wait Longer than 10 Seconds for website to Load. So Compress coding , Reduce Images Size to Decrease Site Loading Speed.

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  • Interlink Posts With Each other Using Text Links. That Will Not Only Reduce Bounce Rate but Also Improve User Experience. Also, it will pass link juice to all posts improving ranking of your whole website. You can Interlinking of this post as an example.

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  • Show Related Posts at Bottom of Every Article to make Visitors Spend more time on your site.

related posts

#2 Increase Social Buzz

Social Networking Sites are the best place to turn your normal website into a big brand and get Some Trust of Readers.
Top Social Sites Like Twitter , Facebook , Google+ , Digg , Pinterest , LinkedIn , Digg , StumbleUpon , Provides lot of Genuine Web Traffic, So Don’t Miss out on that.

  • Create Social Pages of Your Websites to Increase Brand Awareness. Update Those Pages Frequently With Unique Content.
  • Don’t Copy Paste Links on your Social Pages like Spam. Do it Professionally, Write About 100 Words and then Provide Read More at Bottom with your Site Link.
  • Promote All Social profiles on Your Website and also Include Social profiles on your Guest Posts.

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