How to Make Money on Article Writing on iWriter

iWriter is an established article writing services company that gives opportunity to the public to get paid writing articles for them. It is free to make money by writing articles on iWriter. To start making money on iWriter, you must first sign up for a writer account. The write account registration form can be accessed by clicking on Write Content in the top navigation. Once you sign up, you can login to the dashboard where you will see a list of articles you can write to make money.

iWriter offers 3 levels of writers including standard, premium, and elite. Standard writer gets paid up to a maximum of $4 per article and the maximum word count per article is 700 words. Premium writer gets paid $4-$12 per article and the maximum word count can be 1,200 words. Elite writer gets paid over $8 per article and the maximum word count is 2,000 words.

If you just sign up, you will only be able to write a content for standard writers. When going through the list, you must check the writer type and approval rate. The writer type should be standard and the approval rate must be 70% and above. If you want to select the project, you must click on the plus symbol and click Write Article.

You will be required to take a basic English test if this is the first time you write an article on iWriter. Taking the test and passing it gives the client an assurance that you will write articles that meet their standards. You must score 13/15 in the test in order to pass. It is a simple test and anyone with a basic English command can pass it. You can take up as many article writing assignments as you want after passing the test. Those who fail the test can retake it after a number of days.

You have to write the article on iWriter article submission page. There is a timer that will count down the time after you click on the write article link. On the submission page, you can see all the requirements of the article project such as word count, and keywords. You can reference articles on similar topics and gather the points to write the article. The word count should be slightly more than the required word count in the project assignment.

When you submit the finished article, it will attempt to check with the copyscape verification. Copyscape will compare the phrases and sentences used in your article to other articles on the web to ensure that there is no part that is plagiarized from any other source in the web. If the client approve the article, you will see the funds in your account.

An email confirmation will be sent to you when your article is approved. The client won’t be able to download your article if it is rejected. There is a minimum threshold of $20 to withdraw the earnings. In your account, there is a place where you can enter your Paypal ID where the payment will be sent. After you withdraw the funds, it should be in your account in 2 – 3 days/

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