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How to Make Up to A Few Thousand Rupees on Article Writing Every Month

Many people who are searching for additional income have taken up online article writing as a part time job. You can get started in freelance writing by joining a platform like Contentmart that connect you to potential customers who are looking for writers.

Once you have registered for an account, you must go to browse projects on article writing. When you found a suitable project, you can place your bid. The client who posts the thread will review the bids and choose the best person to complete the writing job. If you get chosen, you can work on the project and receive payment upon completion.

Usually, you will get paid $5-$8 per 500 words if you are being paid in USD or around 300 INR if you are working with an Indian. The rate is only an estimate and you may get paid more or lesser depending on the hirer and your writing skill. Provided that you rest on weekends and you write 4 every day, you can already have an extra income of 26,400 INR.

You only have to set aside 4 – 5 hours to write 3 articles every day. The amount is transferred to your contentmart account when you accept a project. You can withdraw once you complete the project as long as the amount is at least 3000 INR. Having a good grasp in the English vocabulary and grammar can help you to easily get work.

In your account, it is important to enter a new profile about your article writing background. In the profile, you can write about the topics of expertise, how long you have been writing, who you have worked for and etc. It should be short and straight to the point. There is a section where you can upload your portfolio of at least 4 – 5 articles that you have written before.

Finally, you must not forget to upload a photo print of yourself. Ideally, the photo should have a plain background like blue and show only up to your shoulder. There are a few tests that you can take on Contentmart to prove your English efficiency. All the tests are multiple choice format. When you have passed all the tests, you will receive an Advanced English Certification.

When placing a bid, you must explain why you would be the best person for the job. Before bidding, make sure to check the project deadline that you will have time to finish it. When you are new, the first few proposals you submit won’t get any response. However, you should not feel disappointed and keep on trying until you get a job.

Verified writers will have a higher chance of getting hired. To get verified, you must pass the Advanced English test, complete at least 10 orders, and receive at least an average of 4 stars rating from your customers. The content you have written must pass a plagiarism test before it can be submitted. After you submit the content, your client will review the article. It is important to make correction to your mistakes as fast as you can if the client request for it.

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