INFINii Review – Legit Business Opportunity?

Welcome to my Infinii review!

Chances are someone approached you about this company or maybe even spammed you on Facebook about it…

Whatever the case may be, you came to the right place.

In this review, I am going to walk you through the company, the products and the compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join or not…

Personally, I have joined the company after reviewing hundreds and this blog post will show you why…

So I just want to be upfront and honest with you about that…

I also want you to make your own decision :)

So lets dig in shall we?

Infinii Review – The Company


The company is the brain child of Hitesh Juneja (CEO), Kevin Hokoana (COO), and Jason Rose (CFO).

They have created two very successful businesses in the past and are both running to this day.

In fact, I was involved with one called Drop Ship Domination where they show you how to make money on eBay by drop shipping items from various of suppliers.

So with Infinii, they are making it even easier with much better tools and opportunities to help make the average person money through eCommerce.

Infinii will officially launch December of 2015.

Right now it’s in prelaunch and it’s invitation only…

To qualify, click this link and opt-in on the list

I will ask you some questions.

Remember to pay attention and read this post to the end because I will be sharing with you VERY exclusive information that can position you for financial success from the get go…

Let’s keep digging…

Infinii Reviews – The Products

Like all the good business opportunities out there, the products must be unique and in demand.

Infinii has three joining levels and each level unlocks more tools and opportunities.

Prime ($49.95 per month)

Learn how to sell on eBay drop shipping:

This will include over the shoulder step by step training.

Drop shipping just means we list items from a supplier site onto eBay for a profit.

So once the item sells on eBay for that profit, you head over to that supplier site place the order and send it to your customer direct.

This way you never touch the products yourself…

It’s like making money out of thin air lol.

eBay Listing tool:

Creates listings for you under a minute.  This will be MUCH faster than you manually listing the items on eBay.

Bonanza Training:

Bonanza is selling your items on Google.

This is another marketplace like eBay and is very lucrative.

Shopping Party Training:

This is where you use the Infinii app and walk into any retail store and scan items.

The App will tell you if the item is profitable to sell on Amazon.

So once it is profitable, you can simply buy a bunch of those items, and ship them into Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon).

That just means Amazon will hold your inventory, ship items for you, handle returns and provide customer service on your behalf.

All you do is send in more.

This will make shopping fun because you can actually make money :)

Again, you will get step by step training on this so you will know exactly what to do.

Tier 1 Product Coop Opportunities – I explain what this means later in the post.

Surge ($149.95 per month)

This will include everything Prime has plus the following:

You will an Automation and Analytic platforms that make season item suggestions so you know what hot items are selling in different times of the year.

With those tools, you will also find out what your best selling items are, your worst selling items and will give you suggestions to add and remove items as needed.

This will help with the growth of your business.

This will be for both eBay and Amazon selling.

Also, you will get access to Tier 2 product coop opportunities (I will get to this after).

Excel ($399.95 per month)

This membership includes everything from Prime and Surge.

This is what you get extra:

Amazon FBA training:

You will get step by step training on how to source items from wholesalers

Again, FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon which means you send in the products to Amazon and they take care of everything for you.

Amazon drop shipping training where you will get access to the Infinii marketplace to buy items from.

When you are sending your items to your customer, it will look like it’s coming from you with your information.

The marketplace will access to individual items you can drop ship.

Also depending on the level you are on (Prime, Surge, and Excel), you will get more discounts with the higher memberships.

You will also get special software that reprice your items so you get the buy box.

Also there is will be a inventory management tool if you are drop shipping to make sure there are no price changes or out of stock items.

Infinii – Springboard

This Infinii springboard is the “Tiered coops” you can participate in.

This is perfect for international members that don’t have an eBay or Amazon account and I will explain why in a moment.

When you have PRIME ($49.95 per month), you will get access to the following springboard (Tier 1 products):


In the example above, Infinii will order 10,000 units and it will cost $1.00 per unit.

Infinii will then open 100 seats for people in this product example.

Prime members are limited to 5 seats at a time.

The time frame when these products all sell out will be in the back office.

In the above example once all the items sell, you will make $226.10 per seat you own.

So if you bought all 5 seats, you could potentially make $1130.50 in that coop.

So in other words, your $500 you used to purchase those seats will become $1130.50 once all the items sell…

This is HUGE.

This is why I said ANYONE around the world can participate in this, because Infinii does all the work for you.

Now remember, you will get access to multiple tier one products like the one above at the same time, but your cap will be 5 spots regardless on how many different products you buy seats in.

When you have SURGE ($149.95 per month), you will get access to the following springboard (Tier 2 products):


This is the same concept as the Prime Tier 1 coop, but take a look at two things.

Yes the seat cost is a little more, but look at the ROI.

So with your $135 seat you purchase, you can possibly make $612 per seat.

In SURGE, you are limited to 15 seats and there will be multiple products to choose from.

In the example above if you bought all 15 seats for $2025, it would have made $9180 once they all sell.

Again the ETA of the items being sold will be in the back office to give you an idea.

When you have Excel, you will get access to the following springboard (Tier 3 products):


In this example, the cost per seat is $200, but look at the ROI on this one…600%!

So one seat can potentially get you $1161 with this product.

Note, you are capped at 30 seats overall at this level.

So can you see the potential here?

I am VERY excited at these coops because it’s going to be the game changer.

I never seen a company with so many income streams under one roof.

In my humble opinion, just these coops are worth the membership costs lol.

Alright, next for all the team builders, the compensation plan…

Infinii – The Compensation Plan

This is probably the best compensation plan on the market and I will tell you why…

It overall pays out 70%!

The higher paying comp plans in the network marketing industry pay out 35%…

The reason for this is because we are not stocking up physical products in warehouses.

Most of our products are digital and opportunities.

The physical products we have are items you can drop ship on eBay, Bonanza and Amazon.

The compensation plan overall is a hybrid between a Uni-level and Binary (Dual Team).

Some terms to get familar with:

BV = Business Volume

Active Points = What level you are currently enrolled in (Prime, Surge or Excell).

Example:  Excel membership of $399.95 will count as 400 Active points or if someone purchased this membership in your duel team, you get 400 BV as well.

PET (Personal Enrollment Tree) Volume:  Your Uni-level volume (Your direct line of members you sponsored without any spill overs).

In the Infinii Comp Plan, you get paid 8 ways!

  1. Fast Start Bonus – 15% of the value of the product package of your newly enrolled partner (Up to $60 one time).
  2. Beginner Bonus – Earn $1800 when you maintain 2 active customers one each on the Right and Left side of your Dual Team.  Earnings here are limited to 1.5x your active points or PET Volume.
  3. Manager Bonus – Build your business to Manager ($50), Regional Manager ($150) and National Manager ($400) and Infinii will add to your early earning success. (Ex:  If you are a Regional manager, Infinii will pay $150 towards your membership).
  4. Accelerated Dual Team Bonus – Earn Up To $40,000 every week
  5. Dual Team Check Match – 7 Generation check matches of 10%.
  6. Infinity Pay – Earn up to 22.5% of the total earnings of your personally sponsored partners.
  7. Global Bonus – Earn Up To 4% of the company Gross Earnings when you are Director or above.  The 4% will be split among other director or above ranks.
  8. Elevation Rank Bonus – Every rank you advance, you get additional bonuses.

Let’s just look at a few of these examples so you understand the comp plan better.

Let’s take a look at the dual team (This is the 4th way to get paid).


As you can see in this example, you had 78,000 BV on your left and 171,000 BV on your right.

In the dual team, you get paid 10% on your lesser leg.

So in this example, it would be $7800 which is paid weekly.

The left over volume on your right side will be pushed to the next week and never flushes.

Next example, will be the generational pay (5th way to get paid).


in this example, all the GREEN and DARK BLUE circles made money in your downline.

One generation is from YOU at the top to the next national manager (It’s the red dot in the slide).

I want to keep this example simple, so let’s just take a look at SUE who made $1800 in the dual team and Mark who made $1000 in the dual team.

You will earn $180 from Sue and $100 from Mark (10% check match in your dual team).

Note all the blue circles made some kind of money and you will earn 10% on those figures as well.

Under “7 generations”, you will see those amounts.

Next, I want to show you the BIG picture with all the rank advancements and requirements etc.

Now PAY attention….


So let’s make sense of the chart above…

Rank:  This is just the name of the rank.

Active Pts/P.E.T %/person:  This will show what the minimum membership you need to be (Prime, Surge or Excel) to qualify for that rank.  Also the percentage you see beside activity just means that is the percentage of volume can come from one person.

So for example at Director it says 60%, so the next column that says P.E.T BV (30,000 in this example).  So 60% of that volume in the P.E.T (Personal Enrollment Tree) can come from one person.

So to hit Director, you can have TWO people to do it.

P.E.T BV (Personal Enrollment Tree Business Volume): This means that this volume needs to be generated through your direct team without any spill overs.  So if you sponsor someone and they sponsor someone, that counts as your PET.

But let’s say you join me and I sponsored 500 people, those 500 people under you will count at BV in your dual team, but not for your PET BV requirement.

Lesser Leg Minimum Requirement:  This just means the volume that needs to be at your lesser leg, now this can be done with spill overs from your upline as well.

Beginner Pool Maximum:  Max you can make in the beginner pool (Note: This is up to Regional Manager)

Manager Bonus Maximum:  This is up to Regional Manager only and those figures you see are the maximum you can earn in the table above.

Dual Team Weekly Max: Each rank has different caps for the maximum you can make in the dual team (Ex:  Director can make up to $3500 per week in the dual team alone).

Dual team Check Match 7 Generations: You can get paid up to 7 generations depending on your rank and the weekly caps vary.

Infinity Pay: Once you hit director or higher, you will get a check match on ALL of your personally sponsored partners that made an income.

Global Bonus:  You get paid up to 4% depending on your rank. Ex:  if you are a Executive Director, you also get paid the Senior Director and Director amounts).

Elevation Achievement: This one will take some explaining so let’s take a look at Executive Director.

It shows, “$50,000” and a number (2) beside it.

Also it shows a “$10,000/Y with a X2Y.

So the Number 2 is the number of months you will get paid the $50,000 over.

And the $10,000/Y is the amount you will get paid per year when you hit that rank.

So if you hit the rank on October of 2015, you will get your next $10,000/Y bonus on October 2016.

Then the “X2Y” means it will be paid every year for two years.

Also all the previous ranks before that, you get those as well.

Nothing is taken away in this comp plan, just added.

If you are confused in anyway, comment below any questions and I will get back to you.

All you have to know is this…

This is the MOST lucrative compensation plan in any company period.

I am not saying that just because I am actually in Infinii…

I have reviewed hundreds of companies in the past and nothing comes close.

Infinii Review – The Verdict

I know this review will obviously be biased because I am in the company.

But let’s go with the facts…

The company has great products, training’s and product coop opportunities that can make you a lot of money…

In fact, I have HUNDREDS of testimonials from my eCommerce members that have joined me in the past…

This is a PROVEN business model that just got better.

Not only do you get the best training and tools for your eCommerce business, you get to participate in this very lucrative coops!

Also, I never seen ANY company pay out so much in the compensation plan.

So why join me?

I have personally made over $1 million dollars in sales in my eCommerce business last year between eBay and Amazon…

Here is my eBay sales for last year:

Total ebay Sales

Here are my Amazon sales for last year:


I have personally enrolled over 4000 members in my last business venture:


Now I am not showing you this to brag, I am showing you that you are actually joining someone that knows what they are talking about…

I personally got one of the founder positions in Infinii and as of this blog post it’s invitation only…

That’s because this will open to the public on December 1st of 2015.

Right now, I am looking for SERIOUS business builders that will actually build out a team…

I will be giving you the HIGHEST spots in the company before it launches to the public.

So if you are serious…

Click here and GET ON this List.

When you get my first email, reply back to it and tell me your past building experiences…

Like I said, I can only invite you to those positions.

Remember, I have sponsored over 4000 members in my previous company by myself…

Imagine the spill overs you will be getting from my efforts…

So that is why I am only looking for serious people for this invite.

Now if you just want to be a customer, I have bonuses as well…

ALL of my team members will get the following bonuses that are NOT found anywhere else period:

FREE Team Marketing Website that has the following:

  • Custom Capture pages that connect with Aweber and Get Response
  • High Converting Follow Up Emails for your Email Auto-responder
  • Custom Sales Pages
  • Hang Out Pages
  • Banners

Remember, you will get step by step videos and training’s to learn how to use this system :)

Bonus Trainings:

Get My Personal Step by Step eBay and Amazon training that helped me make over $1 million in sales.

Special affiliate training that has helped me generate 200-300 leads a day and helped me sponsor 4000+ members in 18 months.


You will get access to me and my personal Facebook support groups where you will have thousands of my team members helping each other.

We are just one big happy family :)

These bonuses are easily worth $2997 if not more….

But these are yours for FREE for just joining at any of the memberships…

Click Here To Get Started

Note – Right now you will be on the waiting list because the company hasn’t launched, but if you are a business builder get on the list and contact me.

All of my team members that join me can give away these bonuses as an incentive.

I hope you enjoyed my Infinii review and if you have any questions before you get started, comment below and I will answer :)

Bless and Be Blessed,


-Jesse Singh

P.S. Get your FREE $2997 worth of bonuses by joining here.

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