Is Subscribing to Netflix India Worth Your Money

Thomas Friedman of New York Times once said No two countries with Netflix ever went to war with each other.

So you get what I am trying to say.

Netflix is now available in India as it expands into Asia.

Now you can watch all the shows you liked that you weren’t able to until now.

However devil is in the details. You need to know more about Netflix India before you get too excited about it.

So let us talk about every issue about Netflix India.

netflix India

Is Netflix India worth its Price?

First we need to talk about the pricing.

  • The base price for the service is just Rs 500/- per month.
  • For as low as Rs 500/- you can watch shows and all the movies on a single screen at a time.
  • For Rs 650/- you can watch same thing on two simultaneous screen.
  • For Rs 800/- you can watch on four simultaneous screen.

All the shows and movies you watch is Ultra HD content.

So get an idea about their charges.

However first month subscription for Netflix is free of cost. When you decide going for paid content then you have to pay an initial fee of $1 Rs 70/- for sign up for authenticating the card.

Hence the standard Netflix subscribers in India pay $9.99 per month. You pay using PayPal or Credit card.

So this is all you need to know about pricing.

The Content – Indian or US?

So now the question is about the content.

What type of content are you going to watch Indian or US?

Right now the content is limited to Bollywood movies. There are all the popular Bollywood movies there. So if you want to watch specifically US content then there is very less to offer.

However Netflix may be working on getting other partners on board so you get more content to watch.

You might be also wondering whether content is censored or not?

No there would not be a lot of censorship if you sign up as an adult. Yes the content is rated so if you sign up as a child then the content might be censored.

However for the rest it is mostly uncensored.

So in a nutshell you have to wait before you get US content that you actually intend to watch.

Otherwise there is no use of launching Netflix in India if there is no US content.

The Menu of Netflix India

The catalogue for Netflix India is good. However there are some shows that you can’t find there.

But still catalogue is very limiting and a lot of content is not there, especially US content.

For example the famous TV show House of Cards is missing which is also a Netflix production. So some shows are there and some are missing.

But is there an alternative to Netflix India?

To be honest the answer is no. Although there are other services with cheaper price but they do not have exclusive content that Netflix has.

Moreover they don’t have option of playing seamlessly on all four screens at the same time.

So Netflix is here to stay because of exclusive content.

How Can You Watch all the Content?

Now you can watch the content. I mean to stay what is the best way to watch all this content.

There are different ways you can watch the Netflix shows.

The best way to watch is on TV. Your screen should be tuned in to Android box or an Apple TV.

You can also watch on Chromecast as Netflix apps is supported by the streaming dongle.

The third major way to see shows is on laptop, tablet and smartphones.

You can use HDMI cable to mirror all of this content on to your Television.

So there are many ways you can watch Netflix.

The Problem with Slow Internet Connection

This could be the major problem. What are you going to do when your internet is too slow?

Well you will be surprised to know that the streaming of videos on your device was not that bad as expected by many.

So I decided to check this on my laptop. I had 1 Mbps Wi Fi connection and the streaming was quite good after initial buffering of 30 seconds.

The picture quality was also good but at times it deteriorated.

I also checked on my iPhone and the streaming as well as picture quality both were quite good.

Finally I tried on by 3G network and I noticed there is not much of a difference. Yes initial buffering tool less time but everything else was same on 3G also.

So the problem of bandwidth is exaggerated.

Will Netflix Succeed In India?

This could be a million dollar question. Can it survive in India?

The answer is yes because Netflix brings a lot of exclusive content that you can’t watch anywhere else. And it is legal also.

The price is also not very high. So I think it is going to stay here.

Netflix has changed the way you watch TV shows. You binge watch where you watch all the episodes in a season in just one or two day.

You don’t have to wait and watch every week.

Why to spend on expensive Ultra HD televisions when you have access to HD content on your TV.

4 Tricks to Make Best Out of Netflix India

Here are some tips and tricks to make best use of Netflix India.

1. Watch Netflix on Many Devices – You don’t have to pay anything extra to watch on multiple devices. Many devices like Smart TV’s, Game Consoles, Blu-Ray Players already support Netflix.

2. Children and Censorship – How do you deal with censorship when it comes to children? It is because right now all the content is uncensored. Protect your main account with a PIN. You can change settings by signing up into your account.

3. Apple’s Airplay – If you own iPhone or iPad then you can use Airplay to play Netflix on Apple TV. The app is also available for Apple TV.

4. Third Party Services – You can add features from third party services. These services might allow you to use many other features that will make watching Netflix a great experience.

So this is all you need to know about Netflix India.

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