Is Traffic Monsoon Legit or Scam? My Honest Review

Internet could give you a golden opportunity to make money. Internet offers you various means to make money online.

Our effort has always been letting you know some of the best ways you can make money online.

Keeping with our long tradition in this article we give you another great website where you can go and make money.

In earlier article we talked about websites like ClixSense, InboxDollars, Swagbucks, CashCrate, NeoBux etc.

However, in this article we will talk about yet another money making website.

If you are in the business of making money online then you have to keep reviewing new website. You need to learn about new things that are coming in the market.

You can’t miss any opportunity that comes your way. If you find the new opportunity is more promising then you can move on to it and leave behind the previous one.

So let us begin this article.

Why You Need to Know Traffic Monsoon?

Traffic Monsoon

In this article we shall review talk about new money making website called Traffic Monsoon.

Before we get into details about Traffic Monsoon we need to talk why you need to know it.

As an affiliate marketer or anyone who make money online it is important to know everything new that is coming on Internet.

Internet is very dynamic it changes constantly and nothing is static here. If you want to succeed then you have to keep evolving and learn something new every day.

Moreover every website is different than another. It might happen that the new website offers you more opportunity to make money than the website currently you are working with.

Therefore you shift to new website like Traffic Monsoon which could be better than other websites on the internet.

Traffic monsoon has definitely new things that it can offer. So you can say it has an edge over other websites in the market.

We shall look into it in coming paragraphs.

What is Traffic Monsoon?

This is the 3rd website I liked after ClixSense InboxDollars. You can Join Traffic Monsoon for FREE. Basically Traffic Monsoon is a 3 in 1 website. Those three things are

1. PTC or Pay to Click: You click on websites and they pay you for each click. Money you receive depends upon site to site and also kind of work you are doing. PTC websites are nothing new as you may know about them.

2. Traffic Exchange: You can exchange traffic with other website owners. Traffic exchange credit Purchases offers you to buy more traffic exchange visitors. Here you get visitor credit depending upon how hard you work.

We will be talking about credit rates for number of visitors you get in great details.

3. Revenue Sharing Site: You also get to share revenue by investing into the traffic. Here you have to also invest in traffic monsoon if you want to make money. If you invest money then you will get more returns as well as advertisement credits instantly to advertise your website or other referral links.

So traffic monsoon is all about above mentioned 3 things. You can make money with these 3 ways on Traffic Monsoon.

4. Affiliate Sales: There is one more way to make money that we will be talking about in coming paragraphs. It is actually affiliate sales. You get good commission if you refer someone to the website.

So you get an idea what Traffic Monsoon is all about.

Traffic Monsoon Review: Is this Legit or Just Another Scam?

Well this is very interesting question? If you want an straight answer then I must say the answer is no.

Traffic monsoon is not a scam. So that is good news for you. You can’t say Traffic Monsoon is a scam as this would be a sweeping statement.

However after reading the next paragraph you will know that traffic monsoon is neither a scam nor it is fully legitimate.

The business model of the Traffic Monsoon is very transparent. Hence you can say that it is not a ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme like an MLM program.

Traffic monsoon offers advertising services of the best quality and delivers it effectively.

You buy Adpack and receive visitors to your website.

Whether it is paid to click service, using ad services to generate leads to make money for your website, revenue sharing or affiliate sales all of the four are very transparent.

Anyone can join the program and earn money from these four ways.

We will be talking about these 4 ways in coming paragraphs in great details. This will clear your mind.

However, there is a problem with owner of the Traffic Monsoon. We shall talk about this thing in next to next paragraph of this article.

Strategies to Make Big Money with Traffic Monsoon?

Now we shall debate about every strategy in details. As I said earlier there are 4 strategies you can make money with.

Traffic Monsoon revolves around these four strategies. Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Paid To Click or PTC

The first one is PTC or pay to click. You get paid for clicking on ads.cashlink ads

PTC is best for free members who do not want to pay any money. Free members get PTC ads with cashlinks that worth $.01 to $.02.

Free members are able to earn only $.2 by clicking 10 ads daily, because that is the limit. At best it will take 5 minutes daily.

You will find cashlinks ad throughout the day. Sometimes you may not find cash links ads so you have to keep checking your account again and again daily.

You need to become qualified for cashlink ads by clicking 10 ads daily.

2. Revenue Sharing

This is also a paid service. Here Traffic Monsoon sells advertising services.

Here you are going to invest your money with Traffic Monsoon.

First you have to buy an AdPack that costs $50. It will give you 1000 ad credits, 20 clicks to your banner ads and a revenue sharing position.

With revenue sharing you get to advertise your website.

You click minimum of 10 ads and stay on the websites for 20 seconds each then you will qualify for 24 hours to share the profits.

How do you Earn Money

When you buy AdPacks then it will unlock a sharing position in your account.

The moment you unlock the sharing position you will start earning money every hour from the revenues generated on Traffic Monsoon because Traffic Monsoon have to share the revenue with the members who unlocked their sharing positions.

Each sharing position will give you 110% of commission back that means $55 in profits. See the real snapshot below-

Traffic Monsoon AdPack

  • So if you invest $50 in an AdPack then you Get $55 and Free Advertising also.
  • If you want to take some risk then you can buy 10 AdPacks worth $500.
  • Later on you can also buy 20 AdPacks worth $1000. Hence more profits.

3. Affiliate Program

The fourth way to make money with Traffic Monsoon is through its affiliate program.

You earn 100% commission for your referral click.

As you know you make up to $.1 daily from PTC. However, if you are able to get one guy to click the ad then you make $.2 daily.

So if you get 10 guys to click the same ad you are clicking then you can make up to $1.1 daily.

Here is the chart-

  • 10 referrals X $0.10 earnings X 30 days = $30 a month referral income
  • 10 referrals X $0.10 earnings X 365 days = $365 per year
  • 500 referrals X $0.10 earnings X 30 days = $1,500 per month
  • 500 referrals X $0.10 earnings X 365 days = $18,250 per year
  • 1000 referrals X $0.10 earnings X 30 days = $3,000 per month
  • 1000 referrals X $0.10 earnings X 365 days = $36,500 per year

So you can make up to $36,500 year.

4. Traffic Exchange

Traffic exchange is another way to make money with Traffic Monsoon. However you need to understand it is not free.

Here Traffic Monsoon allows you to earn credit without wasting your time.

How does it work?

Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases allows you to buy more traffic exchange visitors without wasting your time surfing on the Internet. You automatically get credits required for number of visitors you would like to receive on your website.

You simply have to choose a plan as per number of visitors you want to get, you make payment and start receiving visitors.

Here is the chart-traffic exchange income

  • 1000 visitor credits $5.95
  • 2500 visitor credits $13.95
  • 5000 visitor credits $27.95
  • 7000 visitor credits $37.95
  • 10000 visitor credits $49.95
  • 15000 visitor credits $74.95
  • 25000 visitor credits $119.95
  • 50000 visitor credits $229.95

So these were 4 ways to make money with Traffic Monsoon.

Problems with Traffic Monsoon

Now I also have to give you other side of the picture. I need to tell you what is wrong with Traffic Monsoon.

Traffic Monsoon works best for advertisers with websites that receives huge traffic on their website.

Most of their services are paid. So you can use these services only when you have a website with huge traffic coming on to it.

If you are a new person who want to make money online then you can earn around $30 a month by viewing Cashlink ads without referring anyone.

If you refer some people, then you will be able to earn good income. And yes, Adpack is the great way to make big money.

Another problem with Traffic Monsoon is that the owner of the site is a shady character. It is because he was involved in failed sites in the past. So be careful if you want to go for paid services.

Should You Join Traffic Monsoon

Finally you have to make your mind whether you want to go for Traffic Monsoon or not. If you want to join Traffic Monsoon then you can join from this link.

We have given you a complete picture. If you want to experiment it then go for it. However don’t over commit or depend yourself to Traffic Monsoon.

Although the site has been successful but still you need to wait until it is trusted by internet marketers all over the world.

For now it is better to start with PTC ads.

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