Jio Incoming Call Issues will be Addressed and Resolved

Customers who purchase Jio mobile phone number complained that they are having issues receiving phone calls from people calling through another mobile networks to their phone. The incoming phone calls to their Jio phone number were blocked. They also tried to call the customer support at Jio network but their calls were dropped automatically when they dial the hotline number. TRAI investigated the problem and found out that major operators including AirTel, Idea and Vodafone have broken the regulations in the terms regarding inter-connectivity in between different India based mobile networks.

Jio and the major mobile network operarirs are responsible of setting up interconnect (PoIs) to enable phone calls from rival network to go through their network and reach the mobile phone of their end users. This is why Jio brought charges againstother major networks like Airtel by claiming that they did not set up sufficient interconnect points, which is the root cause of why many of the incoming calls were blocked and did not reach the destination phone numbers.

TRAI has reported the terms violation to the telecom department so that each of the major mobile network operator will be fined with an amount of Rs. 3050 Cr. The major telecom operators will set up sufficient interconnect (POI) to ensures that all incoming/outgoing calls as well as the voicealls will be smooth.

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