July Income Report – $38,936.71 and Another New Website

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Well, this would have to be my biggest month for 2015! I haven’t had a month like this since mid last year.

I started a lot of new things this month, I’ve been insanely busy.

Last month I tried some CPA but since then I’ve built up a nice Adsense website.

Let’s see what I got up to this month.


Luxury Website

Alright well, this is how I boosted my profits this month. This website performed really well.

I had 2 objectives for this website and that was to tweak the onpage SEO for all articles that weren’t ranking and expand the e-mail list.

Since I’ve always used Facebook for advertising I’ve never really kept track of the SEO as well as I should. Oh yeah… Facebook banned me, we will get to that soon.

I spent 3 days finding low volume keywords then optimising any articles that needed to be optimised. All of the keywords were under 500 searches a month.

Easy to rank for and they all add up in the end.

Now it’s just a waiting game, I should see a nice traffic boost in the months to come.

Next I wanted to grow my e-mail list and I did it with a contest. I used the Social Content program, I wasn’t really sure how to market it however I gave it a shot and it worked out really well.

Social Contest has a leaderboard, you can set up anything you want people to do for entries. So if they share it they get an entry or if they enter their e-mail etc.

Potential to go super viral, that’s exactly what happened.



Now, I had no idea how to promote this contest so I tried Facebook advertising…. I got banned haha. Apparently it’s against the TOS to advertise a contest through Facebook advertising.

I’m currently in a debate with Facebook because I’ve seen other people advertise contest.

Anyhow, The prize was 2 handbags that I was willing to purchase for the winners to test this out. I posted the content on The luxury Facebook account but I needed something more targeted…. More women.

That place was Pinterest. I spent a week advertising the content on Pinterest and it went viral.

Not only did it collect a ton of e-mails but I got over $7000 in sales from it. This is an estimation I haven’t worked out the finer details just yet.

Apart from my usual promoting this is all I really did on the luxury website this month. I’m definitely going to look into running more contest!

Now it’s time to get my Facebook advertising account back.


Amazon Fitness Website

Once again did nothing at all this month and it slipped a little. Google did an update that affected the SEO rankings a little bit.

Not to worry it still got some sales but it’s in a slow decline. I might spend some time this month building more backlinks to this one.


Clickbank Product Website (Health Niche)

Sales are still coming in for this one at a nice rate. I did a lot of link building for this site and that’s really it for July.

Over the next 2 weeks I’m concentrating on building an awesome link profile for this bad boy. I still want to climb the Google rankings more and more.

I currently have some keywords on the front page and about 6 sub-keywords on the second page with low search volumes. they are low but very easy to rank.


New Adsense Website (Beauty Niche)

Time to build another Adsense site

I found another golden nugget that I just couldn’t pass up. This will make bank once it’s settled and ranked.

I don’t really want to give too much away, I’ve built a 16 page website targeting 16 keywords with a total search volume of 40,000!

The best part about all this?

I’ve seen insane results in the first week!

Using the SEO Method, I got a friend of mine to post some links on his strong Tumblr PBN. I just haven’t had time to do it myself lately.

Here are the results for the first week.

Free_SERP_checker_-_google_ranking_check___serplab_co_uk (1)


As you can see some of the keywords hit some good numbers then bounced back. This is normal. It got hit with too much authority then settled down a bit.

Just need to keep building those links. For a website that’s a week old, these are excellent results.


Tumblr & Amazon Method

This is the one everyone wants to know about. Is this making money?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can check out a Tumblr method article.

I am making some good money from this, however, I have mixed it up a little by adding sites like Dank Stop.

Dank stop has a higher commission and better bongs. I do a mix of both Amazon and Dank Stop.

I’m doing ok with this I seem to be making a good daily income. Some days I make nothing but that’s the way it goes.

make money on tumblr


This Blog & Youtube

Youtube seems to be at war with us money makers! I started hearing rumors of guys like me getting youtube videos taken down related to money making.

I didn’t think much of it until one of my videos got taken down! No reason at all. When I questioned them about it they said they don’t tolerate money making schemes and I’ll be banned if I keep appealing it.

So yeah not sure whats going on with that. My video had nothing to do with money making schemes.

Maybe I’ll make the change to another site.

The blog is growing at a nice rate although I’m not spending much time on it as I would like

Once I get this new site ranked I’ll have more time to contribute to the blog.

A few issues kept me busy this month regarding the blog. I changed over from Go Daddy. They would have to be the worst company on this planet.

You can read about my issues with them in my Go daddy to Traffic Planet Hosting article.



  • Luxury Website – $36,351.23
  • Fitness Website – $989.25
  • Health Website – $1,243.23
  • Blog & Youtube – $350
  • Total – $38,936.71

Online Expenses

  • Hosting – $131
  • Aweber – $29
  • Hand Bags for Giveaway – Total $1,634.72
  • Social Contest – $29.99
  • Total – $1,824.71
  • Profit – $37,112.00
  • Tax on Profit -$10,391.36

Total Profit – $26,720.64 ($17,665.28 USD) Our exchange rate has changed like crazy this month.


Final Words

Well, I get destroyed on taxes! (28%) This would have to be one of my most profitable months.

This didn’t come easy though.

My typical day consist of waking up at 7am and going to bed at 1am. I spend most of that time tweaking things and grinding online.

On the weekends, I have some time to myself but I still jump on the computer every now and then to check things.

I’m actually thinking of selling my fishing boat and upgrading to a better one so I have some motivation to go fishing this summer.

Last year I would just use Facebook adverts to make my money so I had a little more time to do things. I trying to move away from that and work on SEO so I don;t have to rely on Facebook.

Perfect example is my account getting banned this month.


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