June Income Report – $22,363.83 Tried CPA This Month.


Every month I seem to be trying new things and this month it was CPA. I’ve messed with CPA before but I’ve never put much effort into it.

Once again I didn’t spend much time on Facebook advertising, in fact I didn’t use it at all.

I’ve had so many projects going I haven’t had time. I want to slowly move away from Facebook advertising and focus on other things.

Even though Facebook was my biggest earner I’ve started using my Luxury niche e-mail list and it seems to work better. Not to mention the time it saves.

Let’s get started.


Luxury Website

Last month I lost my main affiliate and thought I was going to take a massive hit this month. Turns outs I did alright.

After editing all my articles and deleting ones that weren’t relevant anymore I just let the site sit.

I did nothing after that, just sent out e-mails and let the organic SEO do it’s work.

Having the new affiliate actually helped me because I could advertise new products to my existing customers.

I found a guy on a forum who was advertising his Facebook advertising service so I might try that out, he charges $1000 a month…. that’s a lot and might eat into my profits so haven’t made my mind up yet. He claims to be the best and has good reviews.

Moving away from Facebook is something I don’t particularly want to do but for now it just eats up too much time.

Getting up at 7am optimizing adverts all day then getting to bed at 10pm, repeating it the next day isn’t very pleasant anymore.

I did micro ads most of the time so they ran out of juice very quickly.

I would like to use  my time for my Youtube Channel and this blog. If I can send out emails to my luxury customers and get sales It’s much more efficient than spending ours on Facebook advertising.


Amazon Fitness Website

I haven’t done anything to this website this month. It’s just getting traffic and sales from Google etc.

Selling this was an option a couple of months ago but it still makes good money so no point in selling it just yet.

As long as it ranks and brings in money I’ll be keeping it.


Clickbank Product Website (Health Niche)

Last month this website got 3 sales, this month it got 17! massive increase.

The site has one keyword ranking 6th. It has another keyword that’s 8000 searches a month and I’ve been bouncing from 12th to 8th position.

This is a site I’ve been working hard so I’m glad it’s working out.

To rank it I used my SEO Tumblr Method, it’s been very effective.

I still have a lot of work to do because I want to get those rankings stable and start working on other keywords. I’m also going to be structuring the site for better link juice flow.


Trying CPA

This isn’t really my thing, but I came across a method on the Dojo Forums (paid forums) that looked interesting so I gave it a try.

It pretty much involved buying traffic and sending it to CPA offers, Still very time consuming considering its best to build your own landing pages etc.

I made some decent money but not sure if I’ll continue on with this.

When buying traffic you have to keep track of it all and see what converts the best. Painfully time consuming not to mention all the time needed to build landing pages.

Don’t let that discourage you though. ALOT of money to be made with CPA.


This Blog & Youtube

The blog had a huge spike in traffic this month thanks to Buzzbundle.

I usually try to stay with free traffic for this blog but since Buzzbundle worked so well with my Youtube channel I thought I would give it a go on the Blog.

Amazing results! You can check it out in my BuzzBundle Tutorial Video.

Apart from that everything seems to be running smoothly.



  • Luxury Website – $16,243.48
  • Fitness Website – $1,156.23
  • Health Website – $816
  • Blog & Youtube – $283.25
  • CPA – $3,864.87
  • Total – $22,363.83

Online Expenses

  • Hosting – $96.95
  • Aweber – $19
  • Thrive Leads – $59
  • Buying Traffic CPA – $ 2,756.34
  • Total – $2,931.29
  • Profit – $19,432.56
  • Tax on Profit -$5,441.11

Total Profit – $13,991.45 ($9,303.61 USD) Our exchange rate has changed like crazy this month.


Final Words

I’m very happy with this months results. I made more this month with no Facebook advertising. This was a combination of new products, good e-mail list and organic traffic.

I sold a lot of high end watches this month so that boosted the profits up a bit.

My Clickbank website is taking off nicely, I just need to get those Google ranking to stop dancing around then it will be a nice little earner.



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