Kicking Go Daddy To The Curb – The Move That Changed Everything.

This past week has been the worst experience I’ve had with any company, take note of this one and learn from my mistake.

So I host all my niche websites over at Bluehost, When I started my blog I didn’t want to host it at Bluehost.

I don’t know why, I just wanted to keep it separate.

I was attracted to Go Daddy’s cheap WordPress Hosting.

What a huge mistake that turned out to be.

I’m now with Traffic Planet Hosting, what a difference that made!


Let’s go Right Back to The Beginning.

I chose Go Daddy because they had cheap WordPress Hosting, this was my first mistake. Cheap is not always good.

The first issue happened when I bought a dedicated IP for my hosting then I got told I couldn’t use it because it wasn’t supported on Managed WordPress Hosting.

Seriously! I should of just ditch them then.

I was too eager to get things underway so I stuck with them.

Now, one thing that really annoyed me about them is they only have phone support. Let’s get real for a minute here, everyone else has live chat support and ticket support but Go Daddy only has phone support.

Oh, wait that’s right.. if you upgrade to “pro” you get e-mail support. What kind of addon is that?

Speaking of extras I also had to pay an extra $8.95 a month If wanted e-mail. This is why hosting is so cheap because they have all these little sneaky extras.

Back to phone support.

I hated the phone support, I don’t want to ring someone every time I have an issue.

Not to mention it chewed through so many of my free minutes. One month I got a $320 phone bill because I used all my minutes and didn’t realize.


The Problems Continue

Let’s fast forward to a week ago.

So apart from slow speeds and various issues, last week is when it all went down hill fast.

My site started to go offline, every single day for that matter!

I was calling Go Daddy at least 3 times a day and they couldn’t figure it out.

You know what they said to me?

We can’t do anything about it, you have the name servers pointing to CloudFlare.

My answer to that was “So what? I’m using that for my CDN”

On the 5th day of having issues I decided enough was enough. I called Go Daddy and said I wasn’t getting off the phone until it was sorted.

After 30 minutes on and off hold, they said….

“Sir you can’t use a CDN on our Managed WordPress Hosting, it’s conflicting with our built-in cache.

Wow, so I can’t run a CDN with them even though I could run it with any other hosting company if I wanted to? What a Joke.

That was it Go Daddy was getting kicked to the curb.


Making The Move To Traffic Planet

At this point, I just wanted to get off Go Daddy and get some real hosting.

I was going to go with Wp Engine but after doing some Google searching, I found Matthew Woodwards article about them so I ditched that idea pretty quickly.

I did some more searching and went with Traffic Planet Hosting. I couldn’t find one bad review!

Now time for something positive.

After signing up to Traffic Planet, it took them less than 12 hours to fully migrate over my blog, a few issues after the migration but this is expected.

The support is amazing! Seriously just insane, I’ve sent In a few tickets and I always get a reply within 2 minutes.

They installed a cache plugin and fully optimized it for me, no more crappy managed cache.

Are you ready for that best part? Take a look at this…

0e80694f32f27bba667438ad6b813aae 2


That’s under 1 second! on Go Daddy it was over 3 seconds every time…. 15+ seconds loading from tier 3 countries.

Check it out under load, only had one spike over 1 second.



Look at the byte time, on Go Daddy it was 700+ ms for me!

best web hosting go daddy review


Oh and one more thing, this is without a CDN. This will improve even more once I optimize it a bit more.

Let’s upload one more Image to give Go Daddy that extra push to the curb.

If you look at this you can see one of my final test with Mr Daddy was 9 seconds, It was getting worse as my blog grew.

Look at the drop! It went down and down again, once everything was propagated and settled in.

finding the best wordpress web hosting


Final Words

I’m going to keep this short because the results speak for themselves. I wasn’t going to write this because it’s not what my blog is about but I want people to know that Go Daddy sucks!

They would rather spend money on Nascar and women than better servers.

If I listed all the issues I had with them this would be a 10,000 word article.

My advice is to STAY away from Go Daddy if you plan on running a blog. The Managed WordPress Hosting they run is a complete disaster.

I’ve spent more time calling Go Daddy and sorting out issues than I have on actually writing articles, thats how bad it got.

If you ever plan to start a Blog then I suggest Traffic Planet Hosting. These guys had the best reviews out of the many companies I looked into. The price is higher than Go Daddy, but you pay for quality.

I can now spend more time writing for you guys and not have to worry about the site going down.

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