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make money android apps

Thousands of rupees have been spent on purchasing Android phones but most people don’t use all the features on their smartphones.

The good news is that you can now install some apps on your mobile phone to earn an extra income.

You can make good money from installing a large variety of apps in the Android phone or iPhone.

Here we are going to list the best & high rated apps that can offer you higher earnings by doing just minimal work.

20 Best Android Apps that can Make you Money

Read on to learn more on how you can install these android apps and make money. iPhone users will be able to find the apps at the App store.

1. Earn Money

The Earn Money app allows you to earn money in a few ways. You will get to earn some money by simply paying a visit to a webpage, click on the advertisements, watch the entire length of video, download a variety of apps, and filling out surveys.

It offers a free version as well as a paid version. The paid version offers a higher rate for people want to make more money.

You earn $0.25 every time you refer a friend and get him to download the app. You will have to send the referral code to refer your friend to the app via WhatsApp, Facebook, Email and etc.

The earnings will be displayed in coins and you must accumulate 100 coins to earn $1. The money will entered into your Paypal account within 24 hours of you submitting the withdrawal request.

This is one of the most popular make money app (it gets a high rating of 4.3 out of 5 from those who have signed up)

Download Earn Money Here

2. Mint Coins

Mint Coins offers one of the easiest way for Android phone owners to earn money by doing simple things such as play online games, install app, creating an account on another site, watch the entire length of a video ad and answer questions in a small survey.

This app has an advantage over other apps in that it allows you to accumulate faster earning compared to other types of apps. You can easily earn $5 to $10 by just spending a small amount of time. It has a low minimum withdrawal of $1 via Paypal.

The app also offers compensation for those who invite and refer a friend.

You receive $0.25 (Rs. 15) if you invite your friend and you get an additional $0.10 if he sign up. They will also be able to earn money via the app.

Download Mint Coins

3. CashPirate

It is simple to use CashPirate to earn money. You will be able to earn money through downloading a variety of apps, testing trial products, watch videos and making referrals to your friends.

You will get paid with 10% of the earnings your referral earn & if they refer another friend, you will make 5% of the referral rate.

They use Coins to calculate your earnings and you can request to withdraw the earnings via Paypal once you have reached 2500 coins.

The app received a high rating of 4.5/5 and have a member base of about 42,000 happy users. The high rating is an indication that you can trust this site.

You can download this app here.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards does not offer cash as compensation. Rather, you receive Google Play credits which can be used to exchange for a variety of stuff in the Play Store.

It allows you to earn by completing a small survey where you are asked to offer your opinion on different types of product. After you answered the survey, it will be forwarded to the respective company who is trying to gain customers’feedback.

As soon as you sign up, they will send new surveys for you to complete weekly and you can earn about $0.25 – $1 and sometimes the payout rate will increase.

Download Google Opinion Rewards Here

5. Earn Talktime

The Earn Talktime app lets you earn free talk time instead of money. Members can earn free time in a number of ways

  • Install app on your mobile phone
  • Apply for a loan via Earn Talktime if there is not enough balance in your phone
  • Earn by registering for an account at the website
  • Learn more about Premier offers
  • Enjoy discount when you shop at selected stores
  • Give your feedback in polls and fill out surveys
  • Watch videos
  • Make referrals to your friends

Download ‘Earn Talktime’

6. ESPN Streak for the Cash

ESPN Streak for the Cash app can make you rich overnight with prizes that worth tens of thousands of dollars.

You are to predict the winning matches daily, weekly and yearly. The goal is to achieve the longest winning streak in a minimum of one month.

There are 10 types of sports. It is possible to win $50,000 monthly and up to $1 million per year.

Download ESPN Streak Here

7. Rewardable

Unlike Google Opinion Rewards, Rewardable app payout in real cash instead of credits. Only residents of the USA are eligible for signing up this app.

You will be given a task to do and there are a few questions you must answer at the store. The rate varies from $5 – $20 per job. They will send your payout through Paypal.

Download Rewardable Here

8. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is the same as Rewardable and it only open the registrations to residents in the USA and Canada.

As a Gigwalker, you can make money by finishing various assignments. You can snap photos of a number of locations, distribute brochures and leaflets or take on the role of a mystery shopper.

The job you find here will be a bit troublesome as you must be present at the streets to complete it. On average, you can earn $5 to $20 for each task.

Download Gigwalk Here

9. CheckPoints

You get to earn points instead of real money by doing chores such as scanning the barcodes of items at the grocery store, perform inspection at the shopping mall.

You will be able to accumulate points from playing free games and watching online movies. The points you have accumulated can be used to exchange gadgets, gift cards as well as other types of rewards. People who love to shop can join this app.

Download CheckPoints Here

10. App Trailers

You must provide your feedback on a variety of apps by trailers so that they could improve user experience. You must write a review to share about the pros and cons of the app after you have used it.

Watching a video will earn you half cent and you can earn $0.10 – $1 for testing the trial version. You also get to accumulate points when you refer other friends.

Download App Trailers Here

11. NPolls

The name of this app suggests that it has to do with free polls. You are to fill out brand.

The payout rate is about $0.20 – $0.50 for completing one survey. It only let you earn a bit of money but you could take a few surveys every day when you have some spare time.

Download NPolls Here

12. GymPact

Gym Pact is suitable for people who are crazy about fitness. It gives those who frequently workout at the gym the opportunities to make money. There are some requirements.

Upon signing up, you will make money when you to the gym but you will lose money for each day that you skip.

You can earn $0.50 – $1 for a 30 minutes workout session.

Download GymPact Here

13. ShopKick

ShopKick is suitable for people who frequently go shopping. You will get gift cards or coupon which you can redeem at the store.

You will be able to make money when doing your shopping chores. ShopKick offers a gift card that worth at least $2,

The app is completely free to download. Android phone users can download it from Google Play.

Download ShopKick Here

14. Juno Wallet

Juno Wallet allows you to earn a variety of points rewards. You get to earn points for watching online movies, play online games, answer a few questions in the survey, answer a poll and making referrals to friend.

The accumulated points can be used to redeem pizza, movie tickets, games and books. Plus Juno Wallet also offers gift cards which you can use. The gift cards can be used at online stores such as Amazon, Google iPlay, and iTunes, It also give you opportunities to earn cash.

Download Juno Wallet Here

15. Cash King

Cash King app offers a fantastic way to make money on your mobile phone. You can earn gift cards that are good for buying things at Amazon and you can also earn cash which will be payout to your Paypal.

They payout $5 for every 5 minutes you spend in watching videos and members who are active can quickly accumulate $50 in their balance. The app lets you make money by watching online movies and sharing them with those you know. You will watch different types of videos such as movie trailers and TV advertisements.

Download Cash King Here

16. iPoll

iPoll is a survey app. There are lots of surveys you can take to make cash in the iPoll app.

iPoll will payout in two ways including cash and credits that can be used at iTunes and Amazon. There is a wide selection of surveys and some surveys is open for everyone to take while others can only be take by eligible users.

Download iPoll Here

17. Viggle

Viggle is the final app that you can make money. you can easily make money by watching shows on the television and listen to the song tracks.

They will credit your account with reward points when you finish watching a television show or listen to all the song tracks in the music album. You can accumulate points when you provide your answer in the poll and watching your favorite television program on the web.

18. Easy Shift

You get paid via Paypal when finish a few assignments called shifts, You will get a variety of assignments including capture photos with your camera, buying things at the shops, dining out at restaurants, and providing your opinion or review about a coffee shop.

You can do assignment with higher pay or enjoy other benefits after you finish a task. They will payout within a timeframe of 2 days.

Download Easy Shift Here

19. Receipt Hog

This app allows you to earn money by sending in the receipts from the items you purchase during your shopping. There are 3 simple steps:

  1. Buy an item from a shop
  2. Scan the cash receipt
  3. Submit it to get paid

You can earn more by asking your friends to join or scan the barcodes.

Simply  go here, you can learn more, download the app and submit receipts to earn cash.

20. Money Machine

Just like many other apps, you get to earn an extra income when you complete offers. You will receive your payout through Paypal.

Download ‘Money Machine’ here

The above is a list of 20 Android apps that you can use to make money. The download of the app will start when you click on the provided link.

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