How to Make Money with Indian Amazon Affiliate Program


Indians who are encountering problem to make money with USA based affiliate networks such as Commission Junction and Clickbank,  can join as an affiliate with indian amazon affiliate program.

It is simple to make money from the Indian Amazon affiliate program and you just need some experiences in affiliate marketing.

I assume that you already possess a basic understanding of affiliate marketing so we will not be discussing about it in detail or you can visit the link above to learn more about it.

Those who have joined other networks can make a change to this network if they want.

How Indian Amazon Affiliate Program is Different

  1. Amazon India only offers COD as the delivery and payment method. If you opt for COD, you must pay an additional Rs 39. But, you will get free delivery.
  1. You will get paid with 10% of the commission when someone buys a product from Amazon via the affiliate link in your blog/website, which is lower than other affiliate networks.

3.This commission rate is higher in comparison to the 6% commission that s paid by most Flipkart Indian affiliate programs.

  1. They will only payout your earnings through check because they do not offer direct deposit.

How to Sign-Up and Get Affiliate Links?

It is easy to sign up for an account at Amazon, just like how you sign up for an account at other affiliate networks. You can visit the Amazon affiliate link to sign up for an account.

The first thing you want to do after signing up is to obtain the affiliate links and embed it anywhere you want to promote the products including blog, videos, social media and etc.

You can get the links for the products in your account dashboard. The affiliate links are based in HTML codes.

When you select a product, the affiliate link code along which includes the product ID will automatically be generated.

The product ID and your Amazon ID make up the HTML code of he affiliate link.

You are to embed the affiliate link into your blog to make sales.

Obtaining the affiliate links only involve a few simple steps as shown above.

Choosing a Right Product

The next step is choosing a right product. The key is to select a product that people are interested in buying.

There are a few factors you must take in when choosing a hot selling product.

The product type should be relevant to your blog niche. If you have a gadget blog that focus on mobile phone niche, you should promote mobile phone affiliate products instead of irrelevant products such as laptops and e-books.

Another thing is that you must only choose high quality product to promote. You must promote products that are beneficial for your customers and you would recommend to others of using them.

The price of the product and how much commission you will receive if you make  sale.

The amount of competition that competing with you in promoting the same product.

Promoting of Selling Your Product

There are  few ways to promote your product and I will teach you one easy method that many affiliates use.

The affiliate links can be embedded into your blog, YouTube videos, and PPC clicks.

I advise you not to use advertising such as Google Adwords. You may get a lot of traffic to your blog but it can be very expensive.

I know that most of you have a limited budget and you can only afford to buy a domain to setup a website or only sign up for a free blog.

There are two methods for promoting your affiliate when you opt to use a blog or website.

Branded Blog

You must help your blog to achieve high authority status. Your blog will receive a huge number of incoming traffic every day once it has reached this status.

So, the first step is to promote your blog and get lots of traffic to it before you proceed to promote the Amazon affiliate products.

Branded blogs are suitable for affiliate marketers with rich experiences in making money from selling affiliate products.

Select this method if you already possess a blog/website that have a lot of traffic.

Niche Blog

What about those who are new and don’t yet have a blog? You must be thinking of generating a sale in a short time and you can’t wait for a few years for your blog to grow and get enough traffic.

There is one alternative and that is to build a niche blog that is targeted on a specific niche.

This means that if you are creating a blog about mobile phone which belongs to the gadget category, you should get fresh and unique content about mobile phones. You should just focus on mobile phone and not to post articles on other types of gadgets such as tablets and notebooks.

You can narrow down to an even smaller niche, by focusing on writing smartphones instead of mobile phones.

This is why niche blogs can send targeted traffic which can help you to generate a sale after a few weeks.

YouTube and Social Media

It will be great if you are skilled at creating YouTube videos,

You should also know how to make use of the traffic from social media such as Facebook.

I never use paid method to sell affiliate products because it is not within the means of a newbie affiliate marketer who just entered into the field. It is recommended that you only try YouTube or social media to get traffic.

Unique Features about Amazon Affiliate Network

  1. Choose from a wide range of products in different categories
  2. The most important benefit is that you will receive the same amount of commission even if the buyer purchase another product via your affiliate link in the end.
  3. Some products can be downloaded so this type of product does not require delivery
  4. Amazon will offer you a higher commission if you frequently make sales.

The one thing I dislike about Amazon affiliates is that they payout their affiliates quarterly, so you will receive your payout in the third month upon reaching the minimum withdrawal amount of $100.

Another complaint I have is that they are not offering direct deposit as a withdrawal method so you can only get your payment via check.

Amazon affiliate network is ideal for Indians who are skilled in affiliate marketing to make money. There are other popular affiliate networks such as eBay who haven’t yet extend their affiliate program for people in India.

So, now you know you can join this network if you are not having any success with Commission Junction and Clickbank affiliate networks.

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