How Much Data is Left Out of the 4GB Daily Limit in Jio Welcome Offer

There is a 4GB daily limit on the 4G data usage on your mobile phone. A new day is counted at 10 pm every day when the daily 4GB data limit is reset. This article will teach you how to check how much data and time is available until the 4GB daily limit is reached. The following screenshot shows the MyJio displaying the remaining data and time up until you reach the 4GB data limit.

How Can You Find Out How Much Data is Left in the 4GB Jio Welcome Offer?

1. The first step is to remove the MyJio app that is installed on your phone by default.

2. After it is uninstalled, you can download the MyJio App Version 3.2.05 APK and run the setup to install it on your Android phone.

3. Make sure you have already turned off the automatic update in the PlayStore settings

4. Launch MyJio App list

5. Turn off data/WIFI and go to Jio App list to launch the MyJio app

6. Enable data and quickly sign in not delaying until the update pop up appears on the screen

7. Type in your Jio number which is the user ID you are assigned and the password in order to sign in.

8. You will now be able to see how much data remains and it will also show the time when your data usage will be reset. you can find out the expire time in MyPlan.

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