Why Do You Need Email Bulk Service

Email bulk service is suitable for small businesses who want to send out their promotional newsletters to the customers in their subscriber list regularly. Sending out the email one by one can be time consuming and this is where the email bulk service comes in handy.

With the help of a bulk email marketing service, you can send out thousands of emails with the click of a single button. If you are to send a huge number of email from the same email account, you will be flagged as spam by the internet security agency and your newsletter email will be blocked by the email service providers.

Bulk email marketing service works the same way as how businesses used to mail the prospective customers using the traditional way. Mailing out catalog to your customer can be costly because you have to spend money on printing the catalogs and buy the stamps.

Email marketing saves money because it only use the internet connection to deliver your message to the potential customers. In an email bulk service, you get to customize your email newsletter from hundreds of ready templates. You can upload your own template if you don’t want to use the ready template included in the email marketing plan. There is an option to schedule the email to be sent at different times to the recipient through the day. You can also schedule the email to be sent in ahead of time.

You can also personalize the email newsletter with the name of the recipient from the dashboard of your email marketing campaign. The personalization feature prevents you from having to address all your customers with common addressing terms such as Dear Customer. The software has a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to create a professional newsletter. You can include podcast and video in the newsletter to make it more interesting for the recipients.

The special mass email software ensures that you only send the email to an address once and not twice. It can detect bounced email and prevent you from sending the newsletter to that faulty email again. Mass email marketing service is suitable for small and large businesses who have hundreds or thousands of emails to send out. The email generated by the mass email marketing software has opt out function that allows the recipient to unsubscribe conveniently.

It has an integrated tracking analytics that can give you complete details of the stats of the email newsletter you have sent to all your prospective customers. The stats will show you which customer click through and read the newsletter. You will be able to track the actions of the recipient after he click through the email.

It lets you know whether the recipient forward it to other email addresses. The analytics will help you to track whether the recipient click through the link in the newsletter and buy a product at your online store. You can monitor the stats in the analytics to maximize the performance of your marketing campaign.

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