Oh, the Places You’ll Go: The Best Cities for New Grads

If you’re a new graduate — or about to be — please accept our hearty congratulations!

Finishing college is a huge milestone.

But after you get done tossing your cap, you may find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed. You need a job, a place to live, a way to make friends… a life.

And like your shiny new copy of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” says, you can steer yourself any direction you choose.

How do you pick?

The Best Places to Live for New Grads

Luckily, NerdWallet just released a new study of the 100 largest cities in America, analyzing tons of data about the 25-29 crowd.

It included information about median income, unemployment, available jobs in the fields you probably studied and the percentage of the population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

So, picking a city on this list is a solid bet for finding a place to live where you’ll both fit in and succeed.

And some of the top 10 cities might surprise you.

Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Madison, Wisconsin, all make the cut.

And number one? Arlington, Virginia: a well-educated Washington, D.C. suburb that boasts high employment rates and incomes.

Our own St. Petersburg is a ways down the list at #76… but we’d like to contest that, at least within our little Penny-Hoarding corner!

Our open-air loft-style office space features a fully stocked beer fridge, shuffleboard table and a snowless sidewalk year-round — and it’s filled with awesome people. We think it’s perfect for ambitious new grads, and we’re hiring!

Besides, even Los Angeles only ranked #69.

Check out the full study here to see how your city fared — and to scope out new prospects on your horizon.

After all, you’ve got brains in your head and feet in your shoes.

Which direction will you choose?

Your Turn: Where does your city fall on this list? Which of these cities would you love to move to?

Disclosure: A toast to savings! Thanks for allowing us to place affiliate links in this post.

Jamie Cattanach (@jamiecattanach) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She also writes other stuff, like wine reviews and poems. She loves St. Petersburg, no matter what NerdWallet says.

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