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One Best Free Keyword Suggestion Tool For SEO

You might already know about various Keyword tools which help you find and analyse keywords some are free while some are paid. Finding best keywords and ranking for that keyword not only helps you drive traffic but also in making sales. Most of us only know some popular keywords tools like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Long Tail Pro etc.

Recently for my niche websites I got to know about one free keyword suggestion tool which make SEO easy for me. In this most I will be sharing one free keyword suggestion tool i.e TheSEOTools- Keyword Suggestion Tool. This tools has been created by a SEO guy from United States which helps in getting a huge list of keywords.

Every blogger and SEO analyst know that keyword research in your niche is one of the most difficult part of SEO. Some of the most experience SEO’s use hard core SEO tools to find such keywords but if you are also like me who write article keeping one or two keywords in mind then this tools can be your best SEO partner.

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I know you don’t like SEO, even I don’t like but what can we do ? to get organic traffic quality content and SEO has to be done properly. We can’t ignore the SEO in 2016 when there are many Google algorithms are present and working quite hard to provide the best possible research on search engine. If blogging is your profession then finding keywords and writing around 30-40 niche related articles and than start working on OFF page SEO i.e quality link building. But it takes huge time as writing 30-40 quality article is not so easy.

If you don’t want to wait so much you can do some keywords research which includes finding good keywords, checking keyword traffic, analysing competition etc. and then start writing articles related to them. Here comes the role of TheSEOtools – Free Keyword suggestion tool when you don’t get long tail keywords this tool can help you quickly brainstorm your mind and find many keywords with variety. This tool uses Google Suggests and few others keywords suggestion based on following things and the best part it, It will provide you long tail keywords alphabetically as shown in image below.

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How to use this Free Keywords Suggestion Tool?

To find free keywords suggestions using this tool, follow below mentioned steps:

  • At first you have to visit TheSEOTools- Free Keyword Suggestion Tool, there in search query field enter your target keyword. (For example: I have been doing research for “How to get your book published” I will enter in the search field)
  • After that click on “Suggest
  • It will show you the list of keywords for your search terms.

Free keyword suggestion tool

  • You can further click on suggested keywords, which will expand it and which will help you get more ideas and keywords.
  • Now here you can click on plus (+) button to add keywords in your list.

Free Keyword Suggestion tool for SEO

  • Once you have added your selected keywords, you can copy all of them.

Afterwards, you can write posts based on this selected keywords. If you don’t have enough time for keyword research then this tool will be very helpful. It will provide you various kind of long tail keywords regarding your niche which you can rank easily.

Give a try to this tool and let me know what you think about this tool in comments below. If you face any issue regarding finding keywords using this tool put your queries down in comment below. Don’t forget to share your post among your social circle.

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