Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment

Online Data entry Jobs

Data entry job is a great job for people without much qualifications because it offers an easy way for you to pull in some extra income. Many people have earn between $200 – $1000 every month by doing entry jobs online or offline.

How much income you can draw in will depend on the data entry work you choose, the amount of time you invest, qualifications and typing skill.

We will discuss about each of the work from home data entry jobs that you can join without capital and teach you how to earn maximum earning.

Types of Data Entry Jobs
Take your time to read what is about each data entry job so that you can choose the most suitable one based on your skills. You can get started on the following data entry jobs right now-

1. Captcha Entry Job
Captcha entry is the easiest online data entry job you can do at home. Even though you get paid with a very low rate, this type of work is easy and everyone knows how to do it without any prior experience.

You will be provided a username and password to login into a software where you can read and type the Captcha images. It is potential to earn up to $500 per month by doing this job.

2. Copy & Paste
It is as easy as copying and pasting a text into a word processor or excel sheet. The requirement is that you must have some basic knowledge on English because you will have to understand the text materials.

3. Micro Jobs
There are several sites that allow you to earn money by working as a micro worker and doing data task. This type of data entry job is a very common way for earning extra income.

There are several micro jobs sites that are free to join and you can expect to earn at least $200 per month by doing easy tasks.

4. Survey Forms
Completing surveys is counted as a data entry work. You are to submit your answers for several questions by using the online forms at the survey sites.

The form is used to provide feedback for a specific product to help the company to improve the features of the products and increase the customers’ experiences.

5. Basic Typing Job
Typing is a basic data entry job for newbies. You are to type the text provided to you into an excel sheet or word processor.

The only skill you need is typing and you must be able to type 30+ words per minute. If you are typing slower, you must train yourself to type up to 30 words per minute before joining.

6. Form Filling
It is not easy to find form filling jobs offline but there are lots of this type of job online. In this place you have to fill simple forms with the information provided to you. At times, you are not provided with the ready information so you must do research on the information on your own.

7. Image to Text
You must read the text on the image and put it down on a word processor. The image files that contains the text will be provided for you and you are to write down the text on a word processor.

8. Medical Transcription
This is a very popular data entry job. You will be picking up phone calls and recording down what you hear on the phone. So, it is not just a data entry job. You must be attentive to every details you hear on the phone and write them down.

9. Formatting
You must format the text in the word document. Formatting may seem easy but it is actually not. You must know how to access the formatting features on the word documents such as making indentations, and text alignment.

10. Content Writing
Content writing is not the same as data entry job. You are to write articles on a variety of topic and deliver the finish articles to the publishers. You need to have good writing skills aside from knowing how to type fast.

11. Catalog Data Entry Operator
Catalog data entry operator enter the data of the product inventory including stock ready, cost per unit and etc into an excel sheet.

This is a type of traditional data entry job.

12.Proofreading and Copywriting
Proofreading and copywriting is regarded as a data entry job just like article writing. But, they are harder compared to the traditional data entry jobs.

You must have high level of English skills but it is not necessary to type fast. You must read through articles and make corrections to the spelling and grammar mistakes.

13. Medical Coding
People who work in medical coding must write down the product codes. The products will be on different types of medications.

It is very important to enter the medical codes correctly. You must have some previous experience in this field in order to be qualified for the job.

14. Payroll Data Entry Operator
Payroll data entry operator is responsible for creating the payrolls for the employees for different companies. You must enter the particulars of the employees into an excel sheet including name, physical address, paycheck.

15. Email Processing
Email processing jobs require you to process several emails every day. You are to click through the emails and read its content. There are a few thousands of emails you must process every day. This is an exciting job because you get to discover the content in different emails.

Extra: Customized Data Entry Jobs
With this type of job, you are not assigned with any specific data entry job. You are to do all kinds of data entry job as required by the company that hire you.

This data entry job is customized based on the company’s need so you could be doing various types of work.

The jobs listed above are legitimate and can be applied both online and offline. You must learn more about the job you want to do and get ready to become qualified as a data entry operator.


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