Online Jobs – How I Started My Online Job Career & How to Earn from This?

If you are looking for free online jobs on internet but still not finding something that can earn you money then you must read my story I am sure you will get clear idea to earn extra income make even a full timeonline jobs online career.

My name is Pritam Nagrale. Its more than 12 years, when I thought of making some extra cash through internet jobs.

In 2003, I came across an ad in newspaper which claims to earn money through internet. They had given some website address in ad where I could find more details on this online job.

I was very curious to know how can I make money from internet. I visited a cyber cafe to find more details on this. In 2002, surfing internet was a bit costly internet speed was very slow. I opened the site read all the details about this online job.

The concept was getting paid for clicking viewing ads. They said, they will send me 75 website addresses where I can signup then these sites will send me regular ads in my email. I

I have to click read these ads to make money. They asked me to pay Rs. 75 for receiving this list of websites. I sent the money by M.O. received the list in my email.

I worked for around 45 days on all these websites, spent around Rs. 500 on internet charges earned around Rs.1000+.

The reason for this was, because 90% of the sites were scam sites which will send you advertisement but they will not pay you. Their were only few genuine sites as mentioned here you don’t earn much money from few sites.

That was in 2002 today its  2015. In last 12 years, I have seen dozens of money making opportunities, bought number of money making courses but one thing that I learned was “No one can make you money”.

Yes, people can give you some idea through their training but if you don’t work hard keep patience in online jobs, then there is no money for you.

Internet is full of opportunities big money but only for smart hard working people. People who are looking for easy  fast ways never make any money.

The biggest reason for this is scam online jobs sites like Bharat Online Work. They offer simple get rich schemes which never exist people after paying on these sites think all internet jobs are fake.

So if you think, you can’t make money from internet then check here one of my recent income proof which is in my wife’s name Priyanka.

online jobs income

As you can see, I earned Rs. 1,83,000/- from Google AdSense. And I hope, you don’t think this cheque as a fake cheque. Its a 100% real cheque.

So how did I start earning from online jobs?

Right now, I am engaged with internet marketing training services. I am also involved in blogging where my wife helps me a lot. Most of my earnings in blogging come from AdSense from other online jobs shown here.

But I started earning from AdSense in 2007.

So how exactly I started my online jobs career?

As I told you, my first encounter in internet income came in 2003 with PTC sites. I worked a lot on them but could not make any decent money.

In 2004, I came across an auction site (now its where I started selling different types of products there one day, I saw someone was selling some book on affiliate marketing.

I started learning more about affiliate marketing. I bought read lots of books on affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you can make money by promoting products of other online companies.

So thereafter, I thought of making money through affiliate marketing. The first affiliate program, that I joined was Commission Junction ( There were more than 1000 companies in CJ network. Other than CJ, I worked with Clickbank many CPA based affiliate programs.

I got good success in affiliate marketing. Many people started asking me, how I am making so much money in affiliate marketing.

I thought of teaching affiliate marketing to other people.

But as affiliate marketing was bit hard, I thought of searching other easy income opportunities so that I can share this with other needy people.

From 2003 to 2006, I research on virtually all types of online jobs like online surveys, ad clicking, email processing, data entry, online typing, form filling but almost more than 95% of them were fake. I paid a lot of money just to find the truth of such websites but found only scam.

Then how can you find trusted online jobs that pay

I started earning through affiliate marketing in late 2004 I continued this till 2006. Then, I joined AdSense in 2007 realized this as more easy option than affiliate marketing because you don’t have to sell anything to earn money this.

google online jobs

(Received Rs. 1,34,000 from Google AdSense)

I was creating different types of HTML websites promoting them to attract visitors. I created dozens of sites to multiply my AdSense earnings that worked. But it was a bit harder way, as it was difficult time consuming to create the sites that time promoting these sites in search engine was also not easy, until I found WordPress.

WordPress has changed the way, people create the sites manage them. Its very easy to create a WordPress blog it also help to rank them in search engines like Google.

So if you are looking for one of the most genuine online job then its AdSense only if you want to earn from AdSense, you can create a WordPress site.

Other opportunities than AdSense affiliate marketing

So what, if you don’t like Google AdSense or affiliate marketing. There are many people like you. After all you have to create a blog or website for this.

And because, someone told you, its difficult to create a blog or website, you will never try to start your own blog. I have given training on blogging SEO to many people, and after just 3-4 sessions, they feel, its too simple to create a site using WordPress. Why don’t you try?

So let’s come to the point. There are number of other ways to earn money through internet. I have already written about this, in one of my previous article, so just check this here.

There, you will find many different ways to earn like freelancing, Fiverr, online surveys, crowdsourcing, ad clicking, earning through mobile, YouTube etc. You have to choose, which one is best online job for you.

What if you don’t make money from any online job?

I have given you many choices. The best program, you can start with is Google AdSense or affiliate marketing. Or if you are looking for simpler option, then you can find many internet opportunities here.

But, if you don’t make money from any of the option given in the link, simply do 1 of the 3 things-

  1. Try to understand each, every online jobs mentioned there focus on one, that you think is very interesting. Read understand more more on that topic do whatever is needed to start that. Don’t give up. I am sure, you will find the success soon.
  2. Never pay any money to any beggar (scammers) for giving you simple (but fake) online jobs. Instead, work hard to get the skills. Subscribe to the blogs who write about make money topics like our blog MoneyConnexion read regularly to know more tips ideas.
  3. It takes time hard work to make lots of money. Its very rare, you won’t make good money even after 1 year of hard work. But if you don’t, then online jobs are not for you. Simply leave it.

You can signup for online jobs download our money making package here. Its absolutely free.


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