Part Time Jobs in Bangalore from Home Without Investment

If you are looking for part time jobs in Bangalore from home without investment then we can show you number of opportunities that you can use earn extra income from home.

Although there are number of part time jobs you can start but before I will show you all the options, I will tell you one of the inspiring story of Yogesh Srivastav, who was looking for part time options found a new simple ways.

part time jobs in bangalore

How Yogesh Found His Part Time Jobs in Bangalore

Yogesh Srivastav is a bank manager in one of the reputed bank in Bangalore. 2 years back, after taking the home loan for his new home, he started to feel some cash crunch because of the burden of paying high EMIs.

He thought of doing some part time jobs in Bangalore to make that extra income. One day his wife told him about a presentation of an MLM company she had attended in one of the hotel in Bangalore.

It was a nutritional products based MLM company and their products were very costly, not affordable to a normal middle class in Bangalore.

Still they thought of giving this a try in their part time. As MLM is a business of referral, they begin to convince their family members and relatives.

They were getting more rejections and very few joining. After 1 month, they came to know that they have shown plan to each and every person they know in Bangalore.

But still their team size is very low not enough to give them a decent income. And until their team don’t refer a new member, they can’t make more money but none of team referred a single person.

Then Yogesh learnt the biggest lesson of MLM it was – ‘”only 3% of people make big money in MLM” and now he wants to be in that 3% people.

But how??

They have already approached the people they know in Bangalore but 90% of the people did not show any interest. Even some of the people who were looking for part time job in Bangalore said ‘NO’ to MLM.

He now understood what mistake he is doing. He was not approaching the right people. He should target only those people who show deep interest in network marketing companies. But again, how to target such people.

He met one such senior member who was very successful in his MLM making lots of money not using his local contact but unknown people through online marketing.

His team was all over India and size of the team was more then 15,000. And then Yogesh came to know the secrets of online marketing tool ‘Google AdWords’.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a an advertising program from Google. It lets you create very attractive ads and show these ads worldwide. You have complete control on your ads and you can show these ads as per your target audience and geographical location. part time jobs with adwords

Your ads will be shown to only those people who are deeply interested in MLM network marketing.

You can decide which keywords should trigger your ads in Google or other network partners of Google.

If you want, your ads should appear for keyword ‘Network marketing companies in India’ then it will appear only when someone search with this keyword. If you want, your ad should appear for ‘online jobs in Bangalore’ then it will appear for this keyword only.

If you want to show your ads in Bangalore only, your ads will be shown in Bangalore, If you want to show in a specific state or multiple states or region, you can do this.

You can even target the whole India or whole world as per your business requirement. You don’t need to pay anything to Google for showing the ads but you will be charged only when someone clicks the ad.

And the best part is your ads will be immediately live in minutes after creating the ads.

So How Yogesh Used AdWords for Part Time Online Jobs in Bangalore?

First he thought to target local people, who were looking for part time income opportunities in Bangalore through MLM or other ways. He joined AdWords and created 2-3 attractive ads in Google AdWords.

Soon, he was getting calls from many of the people in Bangalore who were interested in starting their own part time business.

He used to call the people to visit his home for showing the plans. He was getting better conversion this way. He realized, he is earning 3 times what he is spending in Google AdWords.

And this was just the direct earnings from his first level members. The real earnings will be very big when your first level members become active make more downlines.

With in 1 year time, he made more than Rs. 15,00,000. Now his time size has reached more then 6000 people and he is making more then 2 lacs INR per month from this part time job. He taught many of his team members to promote their business through AdWords.

This is one of the best promotional strategy and an example for people who are searching part time jobs in Bangalore or other places in India.

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  1. I Would like to start offline data entry work, I have Ms Office (MS Word and MS Excel) Knowledge and also had 2 yrs experience in it., I can Do Text Formatting well (Indentation, alignment, decoration etc). I would like to work for part time, pls help me how can i start .

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