Part Time Jobs in Chennai from Home without Investment

If you are looking for part time jobs in Chennai from home without investment then its one of the best site which provide free online jobs that you can work from home. Every second person in Chennai is looking for part time income opportunity because of rising inflation.

But if you are looking for a part time option to work in an office, then you will find very limited options in Chennai. And if you work part time in office, there will be number of problem like less salary, time spent in traveling inconvenient office time.part time jobs in chennai

There is no such problems in online jobs work from home jobs. Thousands of people from Chennai other parts of India are earning decently by working on different types of money making opportunities.

So why don’t you start a part time job from home? There is no boss, no fixed working hrs more importantly you can work even in your pajama. Now how much you will earn depend on you.

Even Sanjeeb Chatterji from Chennai had no idea that he could earn more money in his part time than what he earns through his full time job.

Sounds interesting!!

Do you want to know the success story of Sanjeeb Chatterji who was looking for part time jobs in Chennai without investment  how he established an small home based online business which is earning him handsomely.

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How Sanjeeb started Part Time Jobs in Chennai

Sanjeeb who was working as a full time insurance agent after shifting from Hyderabad to Chennai was not happy with his insurance business. There was so much competition in this field and it was very difficult to convince someone to buy a policy.

Although he was making a good income but he was in search of some better part time opportunities which can give him an additional source of income.

He was looking something

  • that will not affect his current insurance job as insurance agent
  • which is simple easy to understand
  • where, there is no investment he can work from home
  • that can be good source of additional income

One fine day, one of his friend suggested him “why don’t you find a recurring income source from your existing client. How will be the idea to start a part time job using the same resources you have.”online jobs in chennai

In short, he can search for extra income source from his existing clients itself if he could provide additional services to them.

Then he introduced to him Google Local Business. He explained him the concept of Google Local Business which he can use to earn that part time income he is looking for.

Now what is Google Places?

Promoting local businesses using Google places is the next booming business in India. You can promote your local business online on Google absolutely free.

Thousands of businesses have been benefited from this and people have made lacs of rupees using Google Local Business.

How he used Google places for his part time job in Chennai?

Now he was suggested to make a list of his clients who is doing the local business. Then find out the one client who trust him a lot and explain him how he can promote his business on Google+ Local and get more local customers for his business.

There is no problem if he does not charge his first client OR asked him to pay only if he gets the results. So Sanjeeb thought of giving Google+ local a try to serve his existing local clients in Chennai who were into business.

One of his client was a dealer of computer and laptops in Kondithope, Chennai. He noted all the details of his client and added the listing in Google+ local business.

He used some tricks to bring the listing on the top and with in 15 days, he found the listing in top 3, on first page of Google whenever someone type like “laptop dealers in Kondithope”, “desktop dealers in Kondithope” or even in other nearby areas in Chennai etc.

Now he waited for next 15 days and then visited his client’s shop. After inquiring him, he got surprised that he had sold 2 desktop and 2 laptops in last 7 days with the help of that listing alone.

This boosted the confidence in Sanjeeb and he asked the client to maintain that listing so that he could get the regular business. Client said, yes he is ready to pay even Rs. 5000+ per month if he gets regular business like that.

Sanjeeb was in a shock, because it was unbelievable to earn 5000/- per month for just 30 minutes of work.

He approached all his Chennai clients who were having a local business and explained them the advantages of online presence with the live example of his PC dealer client. He got the offers from many of them. In no time, his business was growing.

Now Sanjeeb is making more then 2,50,000 INR per month from both of his businesses i.e. Google places and insurance business. This is one of the classic example for people who search online part time jobs in Chennai without investment.

We can show you many such part time jobs from home opportunities in Chennai we never ask for any investment. You just signup free here access our training to make money online offline from home.

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