Rent out Rooms in Your House for Extra Cash: Top 6 Companies to Use

extra-roomThe economy is still forcing many people to look at their spending and do whatever they can in order to save money.

Taking a vacation is something that many people put off and do not do at all, since it is an unnecessary expense.

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However, there are those who are looking for ways in which they can take a small vacation without a huge expense. These people often look for the cheapest hotels they can find, look for discounts to certain areas, and the like.

One option that many budget vacationers are considering is staying in the homes of strangers, who invite guests to use their home as a sort of hotel.

And many smart home owners have stated hosting travelers in their homes and are using the money they earn from renting out their spare rooms, to pay off their mortgage faster.

Why Host Travelers in your Home

The idea of having strangers stay in your home is hard for many people to comprehend, but more and more people are doing this.

The main reason for the increase in how many people do this is due to the extra money that they can earn by renting out the extra rooms in their home.

The guest will pay you for staying in your home, and it becomes a win win situation for everyone. The guest gets off a little cheaper than they would if they used a hotel, while you get a little extra money for a room that you did not use anyways.

Though the money is a big reason why people do this, people also like to meet new people and this is why they love for travelers to stay in their home. They feel as though they are doing something good with their lives, and meeting a new person from a different part of a world is just a huge perk. Through meeting these people you are also expanding your network connections, and you never know when you may be in their area and need a house to stay in.

How Hosting Travelers Works

If you are ready to turn your home into a mini hotel for guests, then it is best to start with one of the programs that were established for just this purpose. These programs work to find people who need a room in your area.

The programs often advertise availability, and they also help in rating guests so that you can ensure your safety.

There are several programs to work with, all of which are discussed later, however, once you sign up and create your profile, you start advertising your room being ready to rent out. You will include information such as the price you are asking, and any specifics that you want to include, such as if there is no smoking, no pets, and so forth.

You can also entice people to stay with you by offering amenities other than just a room. For example, if you let guests use your WiFi, or offer a tour of the city.

Once you have a guest arrive, be sure that you treat them as a friend and guest.

Make sure that they are comfortable with their room, have any pillows, towels or the like that are needed to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

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Payment is often arranged through the program you utilize, which is the best option, as this ensures that no one gets confused and there are no issues with receiving payment.

Programs to Work With

If you are serious about taking on travelers in your home, here are a few programs that can get you started:

1. 9Flats

9Flats is a fairly new site, but it has already risen in the popularity charts.

The reason for the site being so popular is due to how easy this is to navigate and use. The site is super simple to use, meaning that you do not have to have any technology know-how in order to navigate it.

The site has reviews on those who have used the service, letting guests and hosts read more about one another before committing to a deal.

The site also arranges the payment, taking out only a small amount to cover their services.

2. AirBnB

On this site you can post what you have for guests to utilize while in the area, whether this is a full room or just to sleep on the couch.

The site is very similar to 9Flats . This site does allow hosts who may not have extra rooms to still get in on the money that can be made and the experiences that can be had when hosting guests in your home.

3. Roomorama

This site works similar to the previous 2, and does have a great way of allowing hosts to review guests who are interested in what they have to offer.

4. Peer to Peer Travel Club (Seems like it doesn’t exist anymore)

This site works in connecting a host to a guest interested, much similar to other sites out there.

However, this site is free for everyone to use, meaning that there are not as many reviews put into place to help a host to ensure a guest is safe, or for a guest to ensure that the host they choose is safe.

5. Hospitality Exchange

This site is not for a host to make some money, but it is for people to exchange stays. Meaning you let someone stay with you, and perhaps in a few months, you go and stay with them.

It is a great way to ensure that you are connecting with people who are interested in doing the same, and there is a huge network of people who are willing to do this.

6. Couchsurfing

This is very similar to Hospitality Exchange in that you are allowing someone to stay on your couch and you can then crash on someones couch in the area you visit.

With this site though you may not see the same guest when you stay with someone. Basically, you go to a couch wherever you will be needing it, whether or not this person stayed as your guest.


If you want to meet new people or maybe earn a little extra money on the side, then these programs can get you started on being a great host to out of town guests.

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