Start Monetizing Your Blog with SeedingUp : Interview with Johannes

Recently teliad (see article in our archive here), decided to rebrand to SeedingUp.

In this interview we have Johannes Stoermer (Country Manager at SeedingUp), who is going to answer some important questions.

He will explain the reasons of the rebranding move and the multiple benefits for bloggers who are going to register to SeedingUp, which will help monetize websites safely and effectively.


Hi Johannes, thank you for having this interview. Can you please introduce yourself to my readers?

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about SeedingUp on your blog.

My name is Johannes, I’m a country manager at SeedingUp and responsible for all our English speaking advertisers and publishers.


What’s SeedingUp all about? Can you tell us a bit more about it?

SeedingUp is an international platform that connects advertisers and publishers/bloggers.

Bloggers use SeedingUp to monetize their site by seeding content for our advertisers.

We currently work with around 10000 bloggers who use our platform to monetize their site. Advertisers use SeedingUp to improve their brand’s visibility by getting in touch with the blogger’s audience.

SeedingUp is available in 5 different languages, English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.


There were some major changes in the past couple of months, specifically the rebrand from teliad to SeedingUp. Why have you decided to rebrand from teliad to SeedingUp?

teliad has been around for a long time, as it was created back in 2005 and has been around for close to 10 years.

The strategy revolved around selling and buying links, specifically Text Links – that’s where the name teliad originated from as it stands for “Text Link Ads”.

As the industry evolved over time, we as a company had to mature. teliad was still perceived as a marketplace for links, which wasn’t the case anymore as we gradually moved along with the industry to serve the needs of our advertisers.

Recent developments this year then pushed us to finally make the change to rebrand our platform to SeedingUp – a platform for bloggers to monetize their sites with content and for advertisers to quickly connect with bloggers.


What’s the most popular offer on the SeedingUp marketplace that a blogger can use to make money with his/her website?

Our most popular offer is the content product Blog Post.

Blog Posts are simple articles on a blog either written by the blogger or the advertiser.

The product provides a lot of flexibility both for the publisher and the advertiser and is one of the more basic products in our list of content products which include Infographics, Video Marketing, Press Releases and Advertorials.

Screenshot of Blog Post booking at SeedingUp


Can you tell us a bit more about the process of how to monetize at SeedingUp?

The core process at SeedingUp consists of 3 steps.

Signing up at SeedingUp, creating an offer and receiving bookings.

Each blogger has to have an account at SeedingUp.

During the free signup process, bloggers can share information on how they want to be paid (PayPal, Bank transfer, etc.) and other details.

Once the account is setup, an offer can be created by sharing the URL and selecting the correct product.

Screenshot of Dashboard at SeedingUp

Information about the offer such as language, description and category of the blog is then shared.

The provided information will then be shown to the advertiser.

The last step consists of determining the price.

Each blog’s price is calculated individually and we give a range of how much each offer can cost:

Screenshot for Price per booking at SeedingUp

Once the site is setup, it’s reviewed manually by our quality team before being accepted. If the offer passes the review, bloggers can wait for bookings to come which can then be accepted or declined.


Do you have some particular tips to give bloggers who want to start monetize their websites with SeedingUp?

It’s important to understand that we have lots of different types of advertisers at SeedingUp who have different strategies and goals.

That being said, content is a huge factor for most of our advertisers.

If content isn’t written well or even copied the site will not be accepted on our platform as each site is reviewed manually before being admitted on SeedingUp.

Additionally a strong social media following helps advertisers to decide faster.

I see SeedingUp improved its affiliate program.  Can you tell us more about it?

Sure, we’ve actually made a couple of changes for bloggers interested in being part of it as it’s a secondary way to monetize your site via SeedingUp.

We give money for acquiring both active advertisers and publishers.

  • If you acquire a publisher that has sales of at least 10 Euro within the first 12 months after signing up, you’ll receive 30 Euro.
  • If you acquire an advertiser, you’ll receive 8% of commission for each offer they book within the first 12 months.


What’s your opinion about Google PageRank and the news from John Mueller in the recent Google Webmaster Hangout?

Due to its long history, the PageRank has always been highly valued but hasn’t played a major role for quite some time now, especially when it comes to determining the quality of offers on our platform.

It’s still an interesting metric for various types of internet marketers, however has served its purpose for the most part.

Other important metrics have for the most part taken its place including content.



I hope you enjoyed this interview, and thanks to Johannes Stoermer  for his kindness.

Now you surely have a clear idea of SeedingUp and I invite you to sign up as a blogger and start monetizing your content.


Are you already a member?

Are you going to register today?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below, thanks!

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