Step by Step eBay Guide: Make Money Selling Products Online

Step by Step eBay Guide: Make Money Selling Products Online - Free Work at Home GuideMarketing and selling products is easy these days and closing a sale is just a click away! eBay provides you with such an online marketplace. You can sell just about anything and everything on eBay-be it motors, collectibles, fashion items, electronics, home and garden and sporting tools, you name it! There are many products and many potential buyers on eBay so this means that your chances of a successful sale are high.

Selling products on eBay saves you the time, space and money that you would spend using the traditional selling methods such as direct selling. Not only is it free to list on eBay, you won’t pay anything until your item sells. Additionally, the market is large (estimated at 100million buyers) and you get to reach a potential target market, regardless of their geographical location. Even better, the buyers are willing to pay more for you products. Those items that you no longer use may be put up for sale and you may turn your ‘trash’ into cash. All you need is your eBay account-and, of course, a good camera to capture great shots of your product. Additionally, you need a PayPal account so as to receive your payment in a quick, easy and secure way.

Selling products on eBay is easy, safe and hassle-free. Protection is offered through the eBay Seller Protection, which is an automatic cover to sellers.

To get you started on this amazing experience, below is a step by step guide to selling products on eBay:

First You Must Sign up or Sign In!

This is the first and basic step to take so as to gain access to the marketplace. Register an account on the eBay if you don’t have one. Signing up is easy and takes a few minutes. If you already have an eBay account, you will just simply have to Sign In.

Create a Listing on Ebay

Listing on eBay is completely free. Create a listing of what you want to sell on eBay and give it a good description. Be sure that it gives the potential buyers a good mental image as they go through it. Be sure to highlight the main features that may attract them to the product, such as brand names. Mention the distinctive features, or defects, if any. Take a number of great photos of the product so that the buyer may see what they will be buying. You can add up to 12 free photos. In online seeing is believing and buyers want to have a look what they are buying (WYSIWYG rule-What you see is what you get). Be sure to post appealing images of the product and you may capture pictures of it from different angles. In other words, take pictures that ‘sell’ your product. Keep in mind that photos are important and can make or break a sale.

Choose your Price 

Pricing is a sensitive issue as you may set a price that buyers think is low, and may perceive that the product is of low quality. Alternatively, you may set a high price and scare away potential buyers. So as to guide you with the pricing step, the following may assist you:

  • Consider using the eBay pricing recommendations
  • So as to attract more buyers, start auctions low. The demand in the marketplace may move the price up once buyers start bidding on your listing.
  • Having longer duration times for your listing being up for sale attracts more potential buyers
  • Have a look at the guidance on how other sellers have priced their items on previous sales. This is done when you select the ‘Price it for me’ option.

There are two ways to price your item for sale: the fixed price and the auction. There is no bidding in the fixed price option and it is recommended that you set the duration for 30 days. So as to run an auction, the best time to do this is on weekends.

When you know the market value for your item, select the fixed price listing format. Use the auction-style listing format for special or unique items, or when you don’t know the value of the item. The quick listing tool suggests popular pricing and shipping options for similar items.

Choose How You Want To Ship Products

After setting the price of your product, you then choose the shipment method. Shipping is an opportunity to offer your customer great service and build your reputation. This takes place after the buyer pays for your product. You will need to ensure the package is safe for shipping. You may get shipping supplies ahead of time on My eBay, like padded envelopes, packing materials, tape, and free USPS boxes. This way, you can package and ship your item as soon as it sells eBay can help you print your own shipping label to save you time and money. Be sure to leave positive feedback for your buyer as soon as payment is confirmed. By doing, this you will make the buyers happy and keep them coming back. As eBay works with all major carriers for simple shipping, you are guaranteed great rates. In eBay, everything you need at a great price is offered at a great price.

There are three options for shipping: the flat rate option, the calculated shipping option and the local pick-up option. You can also choose free shipping or international shipping. International shipping enables you to have a wider reach and a wider market, across the world.

  1. In the Flat rate shipping option, you set the shipping cost no matter where the buyer lives.
  2. The Calculated shipping option is determined by the weight and dimensions of the package as well as the location of the buyer.
  3. Local pick-up suits the buyers and sellers who live close to each other. They select a time and place suitable to them so as to make the exchange.

As a seller, you should make pleasing the buyer your priority and the shipping step is a crucial step. You should therefore ensure to have minimal shipping charges, and that your shipping option ensures that the package reaches to the buyer in good condition. Additionally, the package should reach the buyer in a timely fashion. The happy buyer will be sure to give you a positive feedback if you deliver the products as and when required, and in good condition. This will potentially lead to more sales.

Get paid!

This has got to be the most enjoyable part, yes? You will receive your money once you have sent your item. You will realize monetary gain for the selling efforts, which are so easy. What’s more, you get paid faster if you use the eBay shipping labels and collect payments with PayPal. PayPal is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to get paid for sold listings on eBay.

There you have it! Now you know the easy steps on how to sell your products on eBay. Do get the items lying around, post them online for a sale and get a fine deal-the hassle free and eBay way. Selling has never been this easy and you have no reason not to make that successful sale. Click, Ship and Sell!

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