Step by Step Instructions on Using the Old MyJio App to Generate the Invitation Code

JIO SIM is made available for every 4G smartphone user but anyone that wants to use it must first obtain an invitation code by using the MyJIO app. A lot of users are confused as to how to generate the offer code with the MyJIO app. The following is a step by step instruction on how to generate the offer code with the MyJio App version 3.2.05 so that you can claim the Jio SIM.

How Can Android Phone Users Generate a Free Invitation Code By Using the MyJio App?

1. Firstly, you must get the MyJio App Version 3.2.05 APK downloaded onto your Android phone. You should check to see if you have disable auto update before downloading the APK file.

2. Launch MyJIO App and tap on install all to begin the installation process for each of the Jio apps.

3. You must disable the data and WIFI access after the installation is complete for all the apps. Next, you must quit all apps that are currently opened and reset your phone.

4. Launch the MyJIo App but don’t turn on the data/WIFI connection yet. The Get Jio SIM option will be displayed.

5. When you see this option, enable your WIFI connection and tap on Get JIO SIM.

6. Generate the invitation code by following the instructions on the screen. Once the invitation code is generated, you should be able to see it in the gallery.

7. Go to your local Reliance Digital/Xpress branch. Make sure to provide the invitation code you just generated to claim the JIO SIM.

You will receive free 2GB data and a talk time of 200 minutes after you have enabled the connection.

If the error message “Our system couldn’t process request”, you should tap on the Get JIO SIm. If you still couldn’t generate the code, you can refer to the article how to generate code in the latest MYJIO app.

Please don’t hesitate to leave your comment if you manage to generate th code. All comments posted in the comment box will be replied.

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