Take Away From Google AdSense Publishers Gurgaon Meet- August 2015

Google AdSense Publishers Gurgaon Meet

Google AdSense team organized a publisher meet on 4th August 2015 in Gurgaon, India. One of the Shouter (Sunny Ujjawal) attended the publisher meet shared his learning at the forum. I’m sharing the post here at the blog, as there are a lot of takeaway from the post. Here is what Sunny shared on the ShoutMeLoud Forum:

Hi Guys,

Today I attended Google India Pub Meet seminar in Gurgaon. Here are some bullet points I got a chance to note down.

The seminar was started by Killol Buch, Manager, Online Partnerships at Google with an introduction to emerging internet users in India especially mobile. He showed off some awesome stats of mobile desktop advertisements and behavior of inter users.

Next turn was of Harguneet Singh, he also give introduction to some great stats and also showed off the interest of internet users in Hindi language and scope to earn Adsense revenue with Hindi and Hinglish website, which @denharsh has already initiated with

After this there we three lectures from AdSense certified partners – Nabler, Readwhere and Cybermedia group regarding their services and scope of ad monetization by their companies i.e how they can help publishers to grow their revenue. They take some percentage from your AdSense revenue, I think 20%.

Mr. Rafi from Nabler shows some good slideshow linking your AdSense account with analytics can be helpful in analyzing things and earning more money online. One most important point was Analysis of AdSense revenue Author-wise in Analytics. It will check which author is helping you more to get a good income from AdSense.  Others reports were analyzing AdSense reports on category-wise, page layout wise.

Most interesting sessions was with Uday, a guy from AdSense Policy team whose job is to check the spam and invalid activities of publishers and his team is also known as BAD GUYS in Google as publishers always blame and curse them.

Google AdSense account ban:

In 2003-2012 Adsense accounts were banned immediately without warning even on small invalid clicks or spam traffics but according to him Google had improved their process.

  • Warning: They give warning message now and wait for **next 72 hours to fix it from website owner side**.
  • Suspension: They will flag your account as spam and will wait for **next 30 days** to see some improvement in your website changes or clicks or traffic.
  • **Disabling: On the spot if above 2 points are not fulfilled or they found any other bulk invalid clicks or spam traffic continuously

He also told: We took actions based on last two months traffic and clicks only.

I also asked him a question:

Is It OK to login 2 or more AdSense accounts from same I.P.?

He answered: Yes but both accounts must have different payee name and using different websites for displaying ads. .He focused too much on Adult content policy.

Adsense content guidelines

Fixed or stabilized Ads anywhere on the screen while scrolling is against AdSense policy.

After him, Sayed Malik from Google webmaster team shows slides and gives clarification about SEO issues.

This was all I got the chance to note down.

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