Taking a Look at Social Contest and What it Does

Let’s look at the power of an online contest.

In my last income report, I mentioned That I made some good profit from doing a contest. I’ve had some emails asking me what Social Contest is.

So first things first, I’m going to keep this one short because really there isn’t much to it. I’m just going to explain to you how it all works and if you should do it or not.


What is Social Contest?

Social contest is a web based program that lets you create a contest that has the potential to go viral.

People get points or entries for actions they perform and this is all customizable.

This is one I started a few days ago.



The one above was really just a test for my new authority website Dank Ninja.

If you don’t know my method with this, I drive traffic to the website via Tumblr. I was using an Amazon shop however I will be including the Amazon store in the new blog.

The plan for this site is to let it sit for a while driving traffic to it then I’m going to start ranking it in Google.

For this contest, I asked one of my cannabis affiliates if I could steal some pictures for a contest and they said yes.

As you can see from the image contestants can do a variety of things to get an entry including visiting web sites. This is a great opportunity to enter in some affiliate links.

You can enable a leaderboard for anyone to view at any time, just like this.



Working That Email Autoresponder

One feature I really like is the fact that you can integrate your e-mail service.

Every time someone signs up to the contest you get their e-mail, this is super powerful for future promotions.




In this example I ran a test competition.

You might be asking why would I do that and send out a $139 bong?

I wanted to see if my audience would be interested so testing is very important. Unless you know how to run competitions that succeed every time then I suggest running some test.

You still have to send out the prize however that’s part of doing business.

Social Contest has everything covered when it comes to the legal side of things.

It has a Rules and Regulation section that you can edit however you want.

It’s very easy to start a contest and having well over 10 templates at your disposal makes it very easy.



What’s The Most Important Thing?

Traffic! This will not work unless you have traffic.

I say this because the creator goes on about how this can make you lot’s of money however he forgets one important aspect, traffic.

Apparently you can use Facebook adverts to promote the competition although I had trouble doing this in my luxury niche. Maybe I will try again soon.

I’m going to leave it at this because it pretty much explains itself. It’s a viral contest program that has the potential to make you a lot of money if you have the traffic ready.


Final Words

If you have a good amount of traffic in your niche then this is really powerful stuff.

You could grow at an insane rate if this is done right, if you have marketing experience then get into this and give it a go.

If you don’t have the money to give something away then that’s fine, you can give away something that didn’t cost you like an ebook.

Even though this one was a test for me I still got over 125 e-mails and a ton more followers.

In the end this was a success.

By the way guys I’m in the middle of making a huge tutorial on how to make a passive income with AdSense from start to finish. I will be finished with it soon.

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