This Company Pays You $110 a Year to Install Their App

How would you like to earn $110 a year just for installing an app?

Verto Analytics’s new Smart Panel will literally pay you to download their free app.

And the great thing is that as soon as you install the Smart App to your devices, you start earning Smart Rewards.

Here is what you need to do…

1. Install the App

Use this promo link to install this free app (note: this app is not available in the app store).

2. Earn $5 Instantly

You get $5 when you first download the app, and $5 for every month after that.

3. Keep Earning Monthly

The fun doesn’t stop there–you also earn loyalty bonuses; You get $5 after three months, $10 after six months, and $15 every three months after that (this is on top of that original $5 a month you earn).

So you earn $110 in one year, $170 in 18 months, and $230 in two years by simply having an app installed on your device.

4. Cash out

Cash out your earning via PayPal or redeem for Amazon gift cards.

That’s the easiest money you’ll probably ever make.

So What Does the App Do?

The Smart Panel is a data and statistics gathering tool by Verto Analytics, a New York based data gathering and research company. The app basically sits in the background and anonymously collects statistics from your phone.

What kind of statistics?

Basic data, like how much time you spend on Facebook, how many times a day you play CandyCrush, how many YouTube videos you watch, how long you stay on a page on any given website, etc.

What’s the purpose of that?

It helps the companies behind the same games, apps, and websites you use, improve these products.

So, not only you get paid to install an app, you are directly helping the creators of your favorite apps, games and websites to improve their products so you can enjoy them even more. How cool is that?

Again, this is all done anonymously. They don’t attach identifiable information to the data.

Even though the panel is new, they are attracting members very quickly. So they may limit the number of new members at some point. So be sure to get in before it is too late.

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