This Company Pays You to Listen to Phone Calls from Home

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Sometimes the methods are simple, like making money listening to music, and sometimes they’re a bit more abstract.

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Today, let’s talk about how you can get paid to listen to phone calls right from the comfort of your own home!

There are tons of companies that will hire you to work from home, but as far as I know there is only one that pays you to listen and review phone calls from home– Humanatic.

When I looked into it, the community feedback on Humanatic seemed to be predominantly positive, so I decided I would try it out.

About the Company

While the website that you’ll be going to is called Humanatic, there is another, larger company behind the scenes: Century Interactive.

How it works is that CI hires people to listen to calls and review them. You will be listening to them for ‘quality assurance,’ which means that you’ll be listening to them and assigning categories or various kinds of information, so that they can be easily reviewed later.

If you’ve ever called your bank or insurance company and heard, “This call may be monitored,” there’s a good chance that it was for QA reasons.

The calls are recorded to be listened to later, which is what you’ll be doing with Humanatic (you don’t have to make any calls yourself.)

They’ll hire you as an at-will contractor called a “Human.”

As a Human, you just listen to calls and file them into categories with as much accuracy as you can manage.

It’s important to take your time to be accurate, since this will affect your bonus pay/job availability.

You’ll receive a brief, informal training in the form of a few sample tasks and an intro video.

Now as I said, it’s important to be accurate or they won’t want to give you a lot of work (or pay you a lot.)

The challenge of working for Humanatic is that you need to learn to be both quick and accurate, since it isn’t very profitable if you work slowly. Once you get the rhythm down right, you can start hitting a pretty good hourly pace.

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How to Apply

Registration with Humanatic is as easy as they come– you punch in their homepage ( and click the hyperlink to join.

They’ll ask for your geographic region, your name, and your address/email address (for PayPal.)

They will ask about your current employment situation, but it’s not strictly relevant to whether or not you’re accepted. It’s just general information for them to keep on the books, so you don’t need to worry about them contacting your boss or anything (they don’t even ask for company names.)

Now, getting your login information might take a little while, because they may only release the login information when there is a demand for Humans. So if you apply at a time when there isn’t a lot of demand, don’t sweat it! They might just be waiting for the right time to get back to you.

Once you get accepted, you’ll get these options for review:

1. Inbound Live Conversation

With this type of review, all you’re doing is confirming whether or not the customer (the one making the call) managed to connect properly with an agent.

It pays 1-2¢ a review.

2. Outbound Live Conversation

This is the opposite of the previous option. With this, you will be listening to see if the agent manages to reach the person they’re calling.

This job generally pays .6¢ which is pretty low, but you can send out hundreds of these jobs per hour.

3. Reason for Calling

You’ll have to listen to these until you know why the caller called (ever heard an agent ask, “What is your reason for calling?”)

This is by far the most difficult of the tasks, because you’ll have to be able to understand either person and determine a meaning.

The difficulty comes with increased pay though, netting 2-3¢/call.

Getting Paid

Humanatic does a weekly payout on Mondays to anyone who has a minimum of $10.

They’ll pay it out to your PayPal.

Is Humanatic Safe to Use?


Even though this sounds too easy, trust me, they’re more than willing to pay you for this work (it’s cheaper than having a salaried employee.)

You won’t need to make any purchases, pay a “registration” fee, or anything like that. It is a totally legitimate work at home company that does actually pay people for listening and reviewing phone calls.

You can’t rely on it to make a full-time income, but it’s a safe and easy way to earn a little side money from home.

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