Top 10 Part Time Jobs from Home for Students, Unemployed & Homemaker

Part time jobs from Home can help you in making extra money to pay your bills and other expenditures. Two kind of people look out for part time jobs first one is who are in desperate need of money and other one just want to do something for fun.

Students need extra money to buy things they need, like new mobile phone or a laptop. Similarly homemakers also want extra cash so that they can at least pay their bills if not groceries.

Therefore keeping both these groups in mind I wrote an article about 10 possible part time jobs that they can look out for. First few are more technical and need some education and intellect but rest can be done by everyone.

part time jobs

So here are they

1. Online Blogging and Writing

Blogging has become a great way to make money. Usually people do it for full time but you can do it on part time basis. If you have hobby or passion for something like music, biking, make up, dance etc then you can start a blog and make few bucks.

Similarly there is online writing where you can write articles and get paid for it. You can go to websites like Fiverr or Elance and look for writing opportunities. It could easily be done on part time basis.


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2. Online Data Entry Jobs

I think you know about data entry jobs. Here I am talking of online data entry not offline. Usually offline data entry jobs cannot be done on part time because they are 9 to 5 jobs.

However, there are online data entry jobs where you can take a project and finish it on time and submit it through email.

It does not matter what part of the country you live in because everything is online. It takes just 3 to 4 hours a day.

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3. Other Part Time Online Jobs

Do you know there are number of opportunities on internet to make money in part time. Good thing is that, you can work on these online jobs as per your comfort.

There are different types of online jobs e.g. some of the jobs are very simple can be done by anyone but some online work required hard work but more money.

We will show you each one of them so that you can decide which one is suitable for you. You can select any online job start earning from the day one.

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4. Online and Offline Tutor

Tutoring job is also great you just have to spend 2 to 3 hours daily and make some extra cash by working part time. It really does not matter what your educational qualification is.

If you cannot teach high school mathematics or physics then you can teach primary school English or even drawing.

Tutoring can be done both online as well as offline. However offline tutoring is a better option.

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5. Website Designing, Coding, Graphic Designer

Again jobs like website designing, fixing codes or graphic designing and other jobs like them are gift of Internet.

Although these jobs could be done offline but online gives you total control over timings. You don’t have to work 9 to 5 but few hours and design websites, fix problems and give it to your client online.

There are number of freelance websites here where you can signup as a freelancer submit your profile so that you can take projects related to your knowledge.

You make really good money.

6. Sales Representative

Above mentioned part time jobs are bit sophisticated and need intellect or some level of educational qualification hence everyone cannot do it.

However, if you are less educated and cannot design or write or type or code then you could be a sales representative. You know their job.

You have to explain or demonstrate about a product to the customers. You can find such jobs if there is an expo or exhibition of some sort.

7. Steward, Waiter, Hotel Concierge, Cashier etc

Jobs like steward, waiter or concierge can be done by anyone. You do not need any qualification or even any experience.

However, you have to find a job that is on part time basis. Like being a waiter in a food joint for 7 pm to 11 pm in night.

These jobs are nothing new and everyone knows about them.

8. Make Up Artist or Babysitter

These two part time jobs are really well suited for women. Women love to do make up or change their hairdo every week.

So if you know about beauty and make up then makeup artists are in great demand. You could easily find a job that takes only few hours.

Babysitting business is also growing at a very fast rate in India. There will be much scope in future for this you have complete control on your time.

9. Real Estate or Insurance Agent

In next two part time jobs you need some marketing skills. You could become an insurance agent with a famous insurance companies make money for each every policy you make.

Many students homemakers make good money from this. And you can earn sufficient money even if you are able to take the policy of 20%-25% of known people in your circle.

If you are a real estate agent then one deal can make you enough money that you don’t have to work for next one month. In fact, you don’t even have to work you just need contacts.

There is no need for any office for any of the part time options above.

10. Network Marketing

95% of the people who work in network marketing are part timers only. Working in this industry is fun people enjoy money, fame social activities in MLM.

You need to be very careful because there are number of companies are floating in the market who are totally based on money laundering concept.

There is a great scope in MLM if you have the leadership qualities. You need to check the quality of the product the compensation plan before you join any MLM company.

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Bonus Part time Jobs:- Intraday Trading

The last part time job in the list is Intraday trading or day trading. Well you have to work only 4 to 5 hours when market opens.

It could be risky but if you know to do it then you can make good in just few hours. It is not for everyone but you can make Rs 10,000/- to Rs 15,000/- working part time that’s not that bad.

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