Top 20 Free Paid Online Survey Sites

Top survey sitesOnline surveys has been recommended as one of the best online jobs for you to make money because it is so easy that everyone can do. The key is to sign up with a number of companies, fill out their surveys and you will promptly get paid.

You are to refer this article to understand more how online surveys work. Read on to learn more about the 20 best sites, how you can register for an account and immediately begin earning.

  1. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is the top survey sites that you can use to make money by filling online surveys. There are several ways for you to earn from InboxDollars and you can go here to read about the InboxDollars review.

As soon as you sign up and your account is activated, you will receive $5 signup bonus in your account. InboxDollars also let you make money by making referral to friends.

  1. StarPanel

StarPanel is another top online survey site run by a company called Star India Pvt. Ltd (STAR TV) in partnership with Nepa India Private Limited.

Upon joining the site, the first thing is to fill out as many fields as possible so that you can get a lot of surveys every month.

  1. iPanelOnline India

iPanelOnline was launched in 2004 and is the first company to provide market research samples in China and it is currently recognized as the largest supplier in Asia.

You get paid in points when you completed a task and every 10 points you earn is equivalent to 1 INR. The points you have accumulated can be redeemed as presents, money and etc.

  1. SurveyHead

SurveyHead is a survey site founded by goZing in 2008 and it has pay out about $5 millions in between 1995 – 2005 to people around the world for filling out online surveys.

They will give you an online survey to do once you have signed up for an account and you will get to earn $5. You have the option of withdrawing the earnings or using it to purchase some gift coupons.

  1. Toluna India

Toluna is a community site for people to voice their feedback. Toluna has taken over Ciao so its members also moved to Toluna.

It is a top survey site with a member base of over 60,000 people.

Toluna offers 2 methods for people to earn. The first method is to fill out online surveys while the second method is to provide your feedback in the polls. They payout in bonus points after you have signed up for an account at the website.

  1. IndiaSpeaks

The majority of the members at IndiaSpeaks are Indians but the registration is open to people from all countries around the globe. Many big Indian companies are offering there surveys here.

  1. Brand Institute

Brand Institute’s specialized field is as a brand identity consultant. Those who are experienced in the pharmacy industry will have a potential of earning a higher income. They payout about $1 – $10 per survey.

You can opt to receive your payout via Paypal, check and other e-wallets.

  1. PermissionResearch

PermissionResearch is another leading company that offers paid online surveys. It boasts a member base of over 2 million members. Many big companies rely on PermissionResearch to offer insights on the consumer behaviors and shopping trend on the internet.

You receive cash offer or gift when you finish a paid survey.

  1. Planet Pulse

Pulse Group is a leading Research Process Outsourcing (RPO) that offers survey services for companies in the research, media and consulting industry.

They operates Planet Pulse, an important online survey network that offers accurate feedback for researchers around the globe.

There is a potential of getting paid with a maximum of 5000 pulses for every paid survey you completed and every 100 pulse is equivalent to $1. They will send your earnings to Paypal when you reach a minimum of $25.

  1. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy has been offering online surveys since 1999. The commission they are paying for each survey is relatively high. SurveySavvy also offer commissions for making a referral.

  1. Spider Metrix

Spider Metrix payout in Spider Points for the assignments you have completed. The points earnings can be used to redeem rewards, cash, coupons and etc.

  1. GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMarket is a leading paid survey site founded in 1999, and people around the globe can make money by filling out the surveys.

As of 2014, they have payout over USD $32 millions to members for completing surveys. You will get RewardPoints that can be withdraw as cash via Paypal or you can use it to redeem the Amazon gift voucher.

  1. ValuedOpinions India

ValuedOpinions is a reputable online survey site run by a company called Research Now. Up to date, it has payout over 5 millions people for completing the surveys.

You must have at least Rs. 400/- in your account balance before you can make a withdrawal. They have partnered with many leading brands to provide high paying online surveys.

  1. The Panel Station

The Panel Station is popular online survey provider based in India. They are in partnership with many leading online retailers such as Flipkart, Amazon and Freecharge, who are looking for getting real feedbacks from the members.

They will send your payout in rewards or points into the MyStation account. You can expect to get paid in between 100 points to 5,000 points for each survey.

You must accumulate at least 3,000 points before you can shop at FlipKart or ZipCash.

  1. YourSay

YourSay is a leading online surveys site that has existed on the web from 1997. You can fill out the surveys as a part time job. On average, you will have to spend 10 – 15 minutes to fill out a surveys and the payout varies in between $1 – $10 per survey.

  1. VIP Voice

Members get VIP treatment just the name of the survey site indicated and get paid with vacations or expensive gifts when they finish online surveys.

  1. PanelPlace

PanelPlace offers over 440 survey panels in 40 different countries and they always pay on time.

The website has published the income proofs of a few members. Your earnings will be sent to your in forms of cash, rewards and etc.

  1. The Harris Poll Online (HPOL)

HPOL is a leading research firm that has been in existence since 50 years ago. The earnings you make will be payout in HIpoints. The points you earn can be used to purchase stuff at online stores such as Amazon, iTunes, iCard and

  1. SocraticForum

Members get to voice their feedback in the surveys for various impetus of the worldwide economy such as latest technology, software, e-commerce inventions, and B2B.

  1. PlanetPanel

The company belongs to MSI-ACI Europe BV, a consulting firm with a headquarter in the Netherlands. Currently, they do not offer a lot of surveys but you can sign up with them to earn some extra income.

These are the top 20 sites which allow you to earn money by filling out online surveys from the comfort of your home. Paid surveys should not be misunderstood as a get rich quick scheme and you can only earn at most $500 per month.

Register for an account and login every day to find the available surveys.

You must quickly finish the surveys that are sent to your account before they expire.

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