Top High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016

Google recently has tighten screws on Link Building. So, it goes tough for every blogger to build authority and rank higher. But Still, there are many methods left, which can improve your search rankings as well as drive some quality traffic. One of those methods is, Bookmarking your content on High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List. People have been using this for years, even I love this method.

Because this way you can get PR1 to PR9 backlinks and also, all those sites will drive tons of visitors to your blog, if you share quality content regularly. These are not the only benefits, you will get many more.

Social Bookmarking sites list

Social Bookmarking sites list

The Benefits of sharing Content on Social Bookmarking sites:-

  • You will get lots of targeted traffic if you share content on a regular basis.
  • It will help you create your brand awareness.
  • You can get a number of new readers and followers.
  • It will help you create High Quality backlinks to your blog.
  • You can easily build authority.
  • It will help you index your blog posts faster in search engine.

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So, Now, I move on and Explain, How you should do it to get success.

What to Bookmark?

Well, I have seen people bookmarking really spammy content and then hoping to get positive out of it. In simple words, all these people are wasting their time as well as filling those websites with ugly content.

So, I will suggest you to only share quality articles or videos, because majority of Social Bookmarking sites relay on Voting system. No one will Vote for low quality post, people will only vote for quality and yes, if you doing spamming again and again, then your account will be banned soon. So, Only share your best and get benefits out of it.

 How to do Social Bookmarking For SEO?

This could be a very common question for newbies. So, I though, I should explain this in this post.

As you know, the Purpose of Bookmarking your content is to get Authority dofollow backlinks and improve SERP. So, You should checkout three main points while sharing your articles.

  1. Title with the keyword:- While submitting, make sure title of your post on those sites contains your targeted keyword.
  2. Description :- Give a brief description about your post and include your targeted keyword. Leaving description empty will make your post look like spam, because the real write knows the importance of this section
  3. Proper Tagging:- Almost every social bookmarking site will ask you to enter tags related to your post. You should not leave this section, Just make sure your enter 2-3 targeted keywords related to your article.

Now, I move on and provide you the latest list of Social Bookmarking sites 2015. I Hope it will help you get authority and lots of traffic.

Latest High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016

  1. Delicious (8)
  2. Reddit (8)
  3. Diigo (7)
  4. Digg (7)
  5. Idea Over Ten (6)
  6. Folkd (6)
  7. Diggita (5)
  8. HGSNY (5)
  9. Ebaum’s World (5)
  10. App-O-Day (4)
  11. LinkaGoGo (4)
  12. Factson 37 (4)
  13. iKeep Bookmarks (4)
  14. Colivia (4)
  15. A1 Webmarks (4)
  16. Lekequ (4)
  17. Softsblog (4)
  18. Webmaster Showcase (4)
  19. Proteps (3)
  20. Pulsimo (3)
  21. Rege Travel (3)
  22. Aramaicbible (3)
  23. Attos Istemas (3)
  25. Bildu (3)
  26. Circolore (3)
  27. Deathpunx (3)
  28. Murl (3)
  29. PB Files (3)
  30. RGR Iles (3)
  31. Web Series Mag (3)
  32. Dedralong (3)
  33. Felmausa (3)
  34. Iskfcr (3)
  35. News Me Back (3)
  36. Yemle (3)
  37. Acymca (2)
  38. Add This Mark (2)
  39. Ad Lottos (2)
  40. AG Toys (2)
  41. Bookmark Favoriten (2)
  42. CCFov (2)
  43. Cheer Dances (2)
  44. CHB Design (2)
  45. Dibsc (2)
  46. Iciline (2)
  47. Ambedo (2)
  48. Artsuae (2)
  49. Bigger Productions (2)
  50. Ijshare (2)
  51. Indofeed (2)
  52. Irxam (2)
  53. Ivano Balic (2)
  54. Finxit (2)
  55. Flonote (2)
  56. Ditr Blog (2)
  57. Elec Books (2)
  58. Epitab (2)
  59. Euonly (2)
  60. FTP Camera (2)
  61. GGiss (2)
  62. Jeetools (2)
  63. Panos Apps (2)
  64. Postolia (2)
  65. QNI Box (2)
  66. Raveet (2)
  67. Mesh Link Sharing (2)
  68. Metro One TV (2)
  69. Miracle CPR (2)
  70. Klicknews (2)
  71. Kodai Flow (2)
  72. Komese (2)
  73. Kumoe (2)
  74. LBA Optics (2)
  75. Lydla (2)
  76. Orgaliz (2)
  77. Modelav (2)
  78. Multi Optik (2)
  79. Munworks (2)
  80. My Top List (2)
  81. Nia BC (2)
  82. Niche GP (2)
  83. Reetool (2)
  84. Tiwgp (2)
  85. TZ Face (2)
  86. Unirop (2)
  87. Vcvic (2)
  88. VGN24 (2)
  89. StartAid (2)
  90. URL Snoop (2)
  91. Tesgio (2)
  92. Terra 95 (2)
  93. Time Joob (2)
  94. Yaft News (2)
  95. Xlasu (2)
  96. SiteJot (2)
  97. Sitensite (2)
  98. Socaym (2)
  99. Song Leish (2)
  100. ZZhop (2)

So, this is the Social Bookmarking Sites List with PageRank. I hope you will Love this list.But if you still want more, then below is another list, which you can use.

Note:- The list given below is unsorted. So, you can see a single website listed two times, which is not a problem. If you use these social bookmarking sites one by one, then there will be no problem.

Social Bookmarking Sites List 2

Note:- Follow their Instructions given on all websites while sharing your content, otherwise you will not get benefits. I will suggest reading some of the rules given on each site, it will help you follow their rules and use this method to improve rankings for a longer period of time.

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Read the above given article to use this method properly, because I know many of you are new to this field and doesn’t know, How to use Bookmaking for your benefits. So, consider reading this (link given before this paragraph) to make it work for you.

Now, don’t forget to bookmark this article and also, share on social networks. If you any question regarding Social Bookmarking sites or about the method, then feel free to ask via comments.

We are sure you have liked this post. Please do browse more. We really love you.​

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