Uber Drive and Deliver Pizzas On the Way to Work: 15 Awesome Side Jobs

If you need extra income, you’ve probably considered getting another job. So what should you look for? What are the best second jobs?

If income is the most important consideration, you need good hourly pay, because your time is limited. But maybe you want fun work, or a job that can lead to future opportunities. Or, perhaps you need something that lets you stay at home.

To make this list more useful, I’ve arranged the jobs into five categories. Of course, some jobs can fit into more than one. You might get lucky and find a job that pays well and also is interesting. In any case, start with the category that’s most relevant for you.

Second Jobs That are Easy to Get

The easiest jobs to find usually pay the least. On the other hand, they might be close to home and fit your schedule. Plus, you might have that extra income sooner by avoiding a long search for a better job.

Here are some good prospects for getting hired this week.

1. Day Labor

As explained in my post on temporary jobs, day labor companies provide some of the worst jobs with the lowest pay. That’s the bad news.

The good news is they’re usually hiring and you can get paid daily. Also, it’s easy to work around your full-time job because you basically show up when you want to work.

2. Fast Food Worker

The turnover rate for restaurant workers is high and climbing, which means positions are opening up all the time. These are not great jobs, but you can probably get one quickly.

3. Pizza Delivery Driver

Delivering pizza is definitely a step up from fast food work — you can make decent tips depending on the shifts you work.

If your regular job is on weekdays, work on weekend nights. That’s when you’ll make the most in tips.

Second Jobs That Pay Well

You only have so much time, and you’re stretching it pretty thin once you take on another job. So, make as much per hour as possible.

Part-time work isn’t known for high pay, but there are some side jobs earn well above minimum wage.

4. Restaurant Waiter

How much you make waiting tables depends on several factors, as explained in my post on how to find jobs with the best tips. Apply first at busy, expensive places. Do that, get hired to cover weekend shifts and you might easily top $20 per hour.

5. Bartender

You’ll probably need experience to bartend at restaurants and venues where you can really rake in the tips. But, there are proven ways to increase your tip income, even if you have to start at a small bar that isn’t too busy.

6. Rideshare Driver

Buzzfeed looked at 11 random Uber drivers and found they made anywhere from $10.71 to $31.44 per hour after expenses. You could make close to that higher figure once you learn a few ways to make more money driving for Uber .

Second Jobs That are Fun or Interesting

To supplement our income a couple years ago, I took a side job as a tram driver for a retirement community. It was more interesting than you think, thanks to the alligators, birds and other wildlife along the tram routes.

Here are some other potentially fun or interesting second jobs.

7. River Rafting Guide

Oregon’s River Riders says their guides are mostly “ordinary people who work a weekday job and go out on the weekends to play and get paid for it.” They train you over six weekends and you make $50 to $80 per trip plus tips. Plus, you can do two trips daily.

8. Camp Counselor

If you’re a teacher or work a job that gives you the summer off, being a camp counselor can be a fun gig. is a good place to find open positions.

9. Trail Builder

If you like the outdoors and don’t mind hard work, this is another good summer job. You’ll work in National Parks and other beautiful settings. The Professional Trail Builders Association lists current openings.

Second Jobs That Could Lead to Future Opportunities

Sometimes a second job can help you develop new skills or experiment with new ways of making a living that could lead to anything.

With that in mind, here are some of the best second jobs for potential future opportunities.

10. Freelance Writer

Writing for websites and blogs as a freelancer can provide decent side income. And, if you decide you like the work and do it well, writing might one day replace your primary income.

See our guide to finding freelance writing gigs, and follow Nicole Dieker’s regular freelance income reports for inspiration.

11. Continuing Education Teacher

Community education programs offer non-credit classes on everything from fly-fishing to business accounting. You may even be able to teach your favorite subject without a degree.

Our local program pays $45 per two-hour class, and teachers find it’s a good way to promote books or businesses, and to develop speaking skills.

12. Business Owner

Okay, this isn’t technically a second job, but a part-time business has more future potential than just about any “real” job out there. If you look at all the businesses you can start for less than $100, you’ll see many of them can be done on weekends or with minimal time invested (at least in the beginning).

Second Jobs That Let You Stay Home

A 10-second commute is nice, and staying at home also means no travel costs. In fact, you might want to convince your boss to let you work at home.

Here are a few second jobs you can do without leaving your house or apartment.

13. Transcriptionist

You can make up to $25 per hour working at home as a transcriptionist. Medical and legal transcription positions normally require experience, but general transcription work is sometimes available for beginners. Flexible hours and part-time work are common and normal, so you can work this around your current job.

14. Customer Service Agent

Some legitimate companies that hire home workers to deal with customer calls and emails also offer part-time positions with flexible hours. Perfect for a second job.

15. Search Engine Evaluator

I made $13.50 per hour working as a search engine evaluator. Staring at your computer for hours rating search results is tedious work, but you choose when to work. You’ll be an independent contractor, so there aren’t any benefits and you’ll have to pay your own taxes on what you earn.

Finally, if staying in the house is the most important goal, check out my list of 103 ways to make money at home. There are some jobs on the list, along with businesses, investments and more.

Your Turn: What’s the best second job you’ve had?

Steve Gillman is the author of “101 Weird Ways to Make Money” and creator of He’s been a repo-man, walking stick carver, search engine evaluator, house flipper, tram driver, process server, mock juror and roulette croupier, but of more than 100 ways he has made money, writing is his favorite (so far).

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