Video Evidences of 911 Disaster World Trade Center Footage

Many people have managed to capture the 911 disaster with their cameras when the incident occur. Most of these videos have been shared online for the public to see. However, there are still some videos who haven’t been uploaded online.

There was one man called Chris Ryan who quickly went back to his house with some friends after learning about the collapsing of the world trade center. The recording shows the panic situation of the residents at Manhattan as he ride his bike in the street. The entire Manhattan town was shut down when the second plane hit the South Tower. Chris videos show people were carrying out their daily routine activities when the world trade center collapse.

The astronaut named Frank Culbertson managed to capture the world trade center footage from the International Space Station (ISS). The video shows how the world trade center collapse and you could see the enormous amount of smoke that comes out of it. The International Space Station is the biggest artificial body that is floating in the space. It has the ability to capture clear picture of the landscape of the earth.

There are also video footage that show the aftermath of the collapse of the world trade center. There were 20 people successfully retrieved alive. Two police officers including John McLoughlin and William Jimeno who were trapped in the rubble were found alive. A woman called Genelle Guzman survived a fall from the 13th floor of the South Tower. She was found by a German Shepherd called Trakr after being trapped for 26 hours.

From the 911 video footage you can see how the towers collapse instantly after the aircraft crash on it. The 911 event has caused damages to the street nearby to the world trade center. From the footage, you can also see people trying to hold onto the tower. The video also show people falling from the high rise building onto the ground. There were explosions on the tower. During the 911 disaster, many firefighters have been dispatched into the world trade center to rescue the people trapped inside. However, most of the firefighters that were dispatched did not survive.

A documentary film director by Jules and Gedeon Naudet was made about the September 911 event. In the documentary film, you can see how Chief Joseph Pfeifer and his team were sent to the North Tower. The tower collapse when the Airlines Flight 11 crash onto it. When the airplane crash on the tower, Naudet quickly took the opportunity to record the event. After the plane crash, Naudet filmed the rescue team in the North Tower. It records the reaction of the world as soon as the second aircraft hit the South Tower.

People were screaming everywhere at the lobby in the North Tower. It also capture the scary incidents after the South Tower was hit by Flight 175. it record how the a section of the lobby was collapsed and how the firefighters have attempted to run for their lives. You can observe Chief Pfeifer ordering people to get out of the building to save their lives.

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