Wanna Get Paid for Your Selfies? Get This Free App!

You can now turn your selfies into cash.I am a big fan of using your hobbies and interest as a way to earn extra income. And making money with pictures is through various means (stock photography, making postcards out of pictures, etc) is one of those methods. But selling stock images is not the only to turn your love of taking pictures into cash.

If you like to take selfies, and preferably have a good eye for fashion, there’s an app that’s right for you.

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The app is called Stylinity.

The idea is that you take pictures of yourself wearing clothes and accessories, share these photos, and get paid if any of your friends or acquaintances click on the photo and buy what you are wearing.

In fact, the commission possibilities go much further than that. Your picture is dubbed a “Shoppable Selfie”, and if anyone in the world sees it and clicks on it to buy an item, it is tracked back to you for commission.

How to Start

First you have to download and install the app from

Then you must sign up so that the Stylinity folks know who to credit with any sales.

They have deals with nearly 200 retailers, so can offer commissions on thousands of products.

Shopping in Action

The fun starts when you go shopping, and spot some items that you fancy. You can buy them or not, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you can snap a picture of yourself or a friend wearing them in the dressing room.

You will also need to snap the barcodes from the products, but don’t worry, the app guides you through the process.

No Selfie Stick? No problem

If you’re on your own, and you forgot to bring your selfie stick, the app still has you covered. As long as you can prop your phone up somewhere, the app has a built-in timer allowing you to pose for pictures.

And you can retake any that you don’t like.

Shopping over, Time to Earn

You now unleash your “Shoppable Selfie” on social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter.

Encourage your friends to share it with their circles.

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The more your photo is broadcast, the more people will see it and the more income you can make.

Being Rewarded

Every time someone clicks on your photo, a side screen opens up showing the items you have tagged, together with “Buy Now” buttons. When someone buys, you are automatically credited with the sale.

How much you get depends on the retailer, and the agreement they have with Stylinity.

No Limits

How far can you go with this?

As far as you want.

You build up a collection of “Shoppable Selfies”, and this is called your Stylinity LookBook. Any time someone shops from your LookBook you get credited with the sale.

Stylinity can even provide you with advanced features, such as scheduled postings of your selfies, so that you can keep the stream of buyers going even while you sleep.

StylePerks Rewards Program

Once you have a Stylinity account, you can start earning rewards points, which can be redeemed for cash and products.

The company is always enhancing the program, so you need to check online to see what benefits are available.

More Details

If you are interested or intrigued by the program and want to find out more before installing the app, then head over to the website,

You will see a selection of Shoppable Selfies on the homepage, and can click on them to see how it works (or to buy anything you want!).

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