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What are the 5 Scam Jobs to Avoid

When you are short of money, you would probably think of going online to search for jobs. As you continue your online research, you will come across a lot of sites and many different recommendations that promise you can make some money online. Newbies who are not familiar in working online will be the most vulnerable as they are willing to take risks to have a chance to make some money. The following are the 5 most common scam jobs that you should avoid.

1. Data Entry
Data entry is the most common type of scam job. Any work that requires you to use your keyboard is called data entry in a scam job listing. It is usually easy to get hired for a fake data entry job since the hirer is not expecting to pay you. However, for legitimate date entry like medical billing, it is harder as it requires certification, training and experience.

2. Make Money by Clicking on Ads
If you have been searching for ways to make money online, you will surely have come across advertisements that say you can make lots of money from Google Adsense quickly. You must have a site with good content and traffic before you can start generating revenue from Adsense. Therefore, you should never give in to any get rich quick Google Adsense scheme.

3. Make Money Through Web Surfing
Surfing the web to make money is a job that waste your time as the wage is extremely low. You can only make a few cents in a day from web surfing. It is very hard to make a decent income as you will not have that many time t surf so many sites. The rate may change depending on when you surf the web. Their network also regularly experience downtime. As a result, you will just end up an insignificant amount of money. They may also have a minimum withdrawal amount. This makes it hard for you to withdraw the amount you card.

4. Viewing/Sending Emails
Another low paying job that is not worth your time is viewing/sending emails. When you join a send email job, they will recommend a few video links that want to trick you into buying some products. However, the product that they recomend usually do not help at all.

5.Clicking on PTC or GPT Sites
If you are looking to earn some decent extra income, don’t join sites that will pay you for doing things that do not require skills. An example of this type of job is clicking PTC or GTP sites. People from India also cannot make money from surveys as high paying surveys are reserved for residents in America. As a rule of thumb, you must never sign up with a site that promises to give you access to jobs and ask you to pay a registration fee


In conclusion, making money online is possible but you will need to have skills just like your daytime job. Now that you know what types of jobs are scam, you will know to stay away from then when you come across them the next time.

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