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WhatsApp has just launched a desktop app that is compatible for PC users. The WhatsApp Desktop app is now available for download on the mobile phone. The WhatsApp desktop app can work on Windows OS starting from Windows 8 and beyond as well as Mac OS, starting from Mac OS 10.9. The features of the WhatsApp Desktop app are similar to the web version of WhatsApp. It is important to install WhatsApp on the mobile device first prior to launching it on the desktop.


Important Features in WhatsApp Desktop App

  • Sleek and Straightforward User Interface
  • The user interface of the desktop version look just the same as the web version. The contacts and status can be found on the left side of teh chat window. The user interface is straightforward so it won’t cause any confusion on the user.


What are some of the New Options in WhatsApp Desktop App

The desktop version has added a number of new options. The New Chat feature allows you to start a new conversation with one of your contacts on the mobile phone. The New group feature allows you to start a new group chat. You can also make changes to the status of your profile. If you want to logout, you simply select the logout option from the WhatsApp menu.


Highlighted Features

You can increase the resolution of the text in the chat window if you are having problem seeing the text. Examples of features that you can use to modify the resolutions are zoom in, actual size and zoom out. You can also browse your chat conversations by clicking on next chat and previous chat. You can use shortcut keys to select the options to make changes to the text resolution.


There are also many other features that you will find in WhatsApp desktop version. These features are designed to help you save time and increase your productivity especially when you are working in front of your computer and chatting with someone at the same time. The following are a few screenshots of the WhatsApp Desktop version.


Step by Step Instructions on Installing WhatsApp Desktop App

  1. Go to the official site to download the WhatsApp Desktop App
  2. The app is about 61.14 MB and you must launch the app it after downloading it
  3. It will prompt you to use the WhatsApp installed on your mobile device to scan the code on your desktop computer.
  4. It takes about 1 – 5 seconds to scan the code on the desktop computer
  5. Have fun using it.

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