Whatsapp Gold Version is not the Official Release and It May Contain Spyware

WhatsApp Gold Version

Many WhatsApp users were notified through invitations on their mobile devices to download the gold version but what they do not know is that this is not an official release and it may contain virus that can be harmful for your computer. The gold version claims to offer users the ability to do video calling with their friends and send over 100 image files in a single file transfer. Only users who have been invited will be able to download the gold WhatsApp version. It also claims that the gold version is used by many famous people in the world.

Those who have received the invitations will get a message that tells them about the new release of the WhatsApp gold version and a download link, which when clicked can initiate the installation of a spyware on your computer. The spyware is capable of stealing sensitive information stored on your phone and track everything you are doing on your phone. If you check the number that sends you the SMS invitation, you will notice that it is an anonymous number.

It is not known how many people have clicked through the download link and accidentally infect their computer with the malicious software. Readers are advised not to download any updates that does not belong to the official release of the WhatsApp. If you suspect whether it is an official download, you can always go to the official WhatsApp site to check and see whether it has launched any of such updates.

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