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WhatsMapp is a different version of WhatsApp that allows you to enjoy all the features in WhatsApp Plus and it offers even more features compared to WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Reborn. A lot of the features in WhatsMapp are not found in the original version of WhatsApp. Many great features has been built into this version of WhatsApp, for example this version has removed the payment of WhatsApp services and it gives you the ability to use two different phone numbers. You can review the change log to find out the new features in the version. The Whatsmapp v1.7.0, which is WhatsApp’s modded version, is completely free to download.


Overview of WhatsMapp

WhatsMapp offers a longer list of features and many of the bugs in the original version has been addressed in the modded version. There are a lot of customizable features in this version. The UI design looks nicer than the original version. You will notice that the UI in this version has a materialistic appearance. The majority of the bugs in the original version have already been addressed such as calling crash, blue ticks keep showing up and etc. WhatsMapp is still in the development stage and the developers are doing their best to address the bugs. If you notice any bug in the version, you can let us know in the comment section and our team is going to see to it that they get fixed in the subsequent version. What are you waiting for, go ahead and download WhatsMapp. It comes with a built in anti ban feature so your account is always safe.


List of Highlighted Features in WhatsMapp v1.7.0

  • Hide the last seen status
  • Hide the blue tick
  • Hide double check marks when message is successfully sent to the other recipient
  • Hide the typing status when you are typing a message
  • Ability to modify the icon
  • Modify the ActionBar color
  • Modify the color of the Navigationbar (Only works on Lollipop devices)
  • Modify the color of the StatusBar (Only works on Lollipop devices)
  • Modify the color of the Notification icon (Under Lollipop)
  • Modify the colors of the chat balloon and text
  • Works very fast
  • Built in anti-ban feature
  • Includes th Floating Action Button
  • The chat messages that you have copied do not have any date and name
  • The contact status and telephone number can be copied
  • The quality of the image and video you transfer to the other party has been improved and it also increase the number of image and video files you can transfer at one time
  • Preview the image or video so that you can decide whether you want to download it
  • View the statistics of the groups and lots of other features


New Features and Improvements in v1.7.0

  • Upgraded to v2.12.228 base
  • Payment Services for WhatsApp is Disabled
  • Address the bug issue that causes the second tick bug to not show
  • The App tab features the actionbar color
  • Addresses several bug issues that causes the app to crash from time to time
  • Addresses a bug issue that causes the changes on he size of the small icon as well as other improvements


New Features and Improvements in v1.5.3

  • Base has been upgraded to 2.12.94
  • Customize the color of the chat balloons
  • Customize the color of the text in the chat balloons
  • Group chat counter appears on the profile picture of those who take part
  • Completely redesigned launcher icon
  • Conveniently update through the updater
  • Copy the status and telephone number of the contacts’ profiles. Make changes on the color of the statusbar based on the actionbar mod color.
  • Choose from 5 different types of app launcher
  • Addresses the bugs that causes the notification/lock screen notification/sharing outside feature to stop functioning
  • Message indicators has been repositioned to beside the message
  • Work in progress toast has been included when you attempt to change the password


Step by Step Instruction on Installing WhatsMapp v 1.5.3

  1. Firstly, you must go to Google PlayStore to download Stock WhatsApp
  2. Next, you must verify the app and chat with one of your contacts
  3. Backup the chat conversation with the contact by going to WhatsApp settings
  4. Remove Stock WhatsApp
  5. Install WhatsMapp now
  6. Have your phone number verified and restore the chats you just backup.
  7. Enjoy the app


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