Where To Find Freelance Proofreading and Editing Jobs Online?

If you have a passion for words and would love to turn this passion into money, the following online proofreading and editing jobs may be ideal for you.If you have a passion for words and would love to turn this passion into money, opportunities await you.  Reading and editing different types of articles may be a tedious task for some individuals and companies- this is where you come in. With your great knowledge of the English language as well as good grammar, these skills may easily get you an online job. This reading will soon be leading you to the bank if you do your job well. The following are the jobs that may be done by proofreaders and editors from the comfort of their homes:

Work at Home Jobs for Proofreaders and Editors


This is an Upwork company where freelancers are able to find jobs that best suit them. Editing and proofreading jobs are under the category of Writing Translation jobs. It is free to join Elance and there are no additional costs- that is, if you stick to free membership. Premium membership offers you more benefits such as more bids on projects. You are able to search for projects that may be of interest to you and submit your proposal. The pay may be a fixed amount or at an hourly rate. Payment for fixed payment projects are done at a date agreed between the employer and you. Elance offers you payment protection for hourly projects through the time tracker, with payments being released weekly. At Elance, you are able to grow your skills and if you do a great job, you may possible be repeatedly hired.


They offer a creative and flexible working environment. They also engage in continuous training and development of their employees. The required qualifications are an education up to the university level, excellent comprehension and reading skills, average proofreading speed and a minimal of three years experience in language teaching, writing, editing and document production. A preferred qualification is knowledge in different writing styles (APA, Chicago Manual of Style and Turabian, just to mention a few). You must also be able to work and deliver within the set timelines. Payments are sent through PayPal. Scribendi offer you a sense of job security as you will work independently and constantly. There is no hassle of making pitches or bidding on projects. Additionally, you get to choose to work on the tasks that are of interest to you.

Editing and proofreading are so much more than language correction. We believe that quality revision services directly contribute not just to the success of a project but also to the success of an individual. At Scribendi, we help writers reach their highest potential.

The application procedure involves taking a timed preliminary test. Flexible working schedules and competitive pay are the benefits of joining You also get to interact with great colleague who are also expert proofreaders. This is an award winning team of professional proofreaders and editors so you will be working with the best. You will get to build your experience as well by handling a number of projects. Part-time and full-time roles are available so you may choose which role to take up.

Words R U

If you are a professional writer, you could join Words R U. They offer professional proofreading and editing services. The requirements are an education up to the Masters level or PhD level. A professional experience in any academic discipline could also be considered. You should also be familiar with different writing styles, web content and different types of manuscripts. The ability to provide superior work consistently is also required.

Pure Content

This company is purely for writers and editors who have the skills that match their requirements. The main requirement is the ability to deliver great content which is of the highest quality. So if this is you, you could get started soon.

Proofread Now

This company specializes in proofreading and editing of business documents. They know that business documents should be written well and made it their business. You could join them and offer your services to them. What’s more, you could be assigned tasks that are related to your area of expertise-technology, legal or medical. You should have a keen eye and not miss out spotting wrong punctuation, grammatical errors and poor writing styles. If you are skilled in different business languages, you may take up tasks where you translate documents in different languages. The translation services are offered for the following languages:  American English, Canadian English, British English, Chinese and Spanish. However, as they do not have open recruitments like the other companies, you constantly have to be on the lookout. They are, however, informative and post blog articles that may help you build your knowledge and skills.

Freelance Writing Gigs

You can get a proofreading or editing gig on However, as the openings close real fast due to many applicants, you need to ensure that you apply as soon as a gig is posted. Additionally, there is a blog section where people interact and share information. This enables you to know which gigs or posts are not trustworthy.

Book Editing Associates

This is a site where proofreading and book editing services are offered. Additional services offered are manuscript submission, indexing and book design. So as to become an associate, you should have edited published fiction. An additional requirement is a minimum of 4 years editing experience. You get a personal profile posted on the website. In your profile, your skills, areas of specialization, years of experience and work that you have done can be highlighted. Testimonials from your previous clients are also added to your profile and this may give you higher chances of getting more work.

Wordfirm Inc.

This company produces publication and offers editorial services. At times, they seek skilled editors to work as independent contractors. It is a requirement for editors to be professionals in their field. A university level of education as well as a minimum 5 years of experience is required. The application process involves filing out a detailed online independent contractor form. You are expected to fill in the general information as well as the specific categories of work that you wish to take up.

Demand Media

If you are familiar with the AP writing style and have a minimum of 2 years’ work experience as a Section, Line, Managing, Features or Associate editor- this is for you! As a freelance copy editor, you get to enjoy regular work, which is mostly your choice of work. Additionally, payments are made twice a week. If you are great at your job, there are opportunities for advancements. You will also take pride in your work as studioD copy editors handle diverse assignments. The articles are posted to popular websites and reach a wide audience. Thus, your work of using words to convey information properly will reach out to many. The better you will be at your job, the greater responsibility you will have. This will give you chances to handle special projects which offer you a better compensation.

Online and proofreading jobs are not scarce- and the will probably still be available in plenty in the future. This is because companies and individuals are still churning out content that they need to be in perfect form. This is why you need to start using your language skills and keen eye to maximize on this opportunity. There is proof of many people who have become great proofreaders and editors, from the comfort you their home. That could also be you!

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