Work at Home Freelancers – Avoid These Mistakes!

Freelancers are defined as someone who works on their own for someone else, such as an independent contractor or a short-term hire for a short-term position.

There are many freelancers who work from home – in fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing work at home jobs out there.

If you are a freelancer, your reputation is everything. In order to keep that reputation intact, you need to avoid the most common mistakes work at home freelancers make.

common freelancer mistakes

Common Freelance Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes freelancers make-

Choosing the wrong client. When you choose to work with a client, you are entering into a professional relationship. If your client seems less than professional, chances are you will want to pass on the offer, no matter how good it seems. You will be disappointed in the long run and might even lose money when you deal with someone who isn’t as professional as you are.

Relying on only one client and one income. As a freelancer, you have to branch out. If you put all your eggs in one basket, what happens if that basket disappears? Take the time to build up a good client base of people who pay on time and offer ongoing work.

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Not charging enough. Do research on how much your work is worth. Take into account your expertise and what special skills you bring to the table. Charge what you think is appropriate, and while it’s always okay to allow for some wiggle room, stick to your guns when it comes to your asking price.

Missing deadlines. This is the worst thing a freelancer could do, and it could scar your reputation for years. Avoid this by overestimating the time you will need to complete a project, and work ahead – if you have until Friday to get the job done, make sure to have it done by Wednesday. By doing this, you give yourself a little cushion in case an emergency comes up.

Being less than honest. If you do have to miss  a deadline, tell your client immediately, and be honest about the reasons why. If you find that you can’t complete a project or you’re struggling with some aspect of the job, be honest about that as well. Be open to suggestions and take all the client’s concerns into account.

Letting a professional relationship turn sour. If your relationship with your client isn’t working out, refer them to someone else. Make sure that the relationship ends on a good note, and that the client understands there is nothing personal that has caused you to make this decision.

Finally, don’t forget about yourself! In fact, build a few days off into your schedule and make sure that your work fits in around those days. You work hard and deserve a break just as much as anyone else!

Freelance is one of the high paying career. But you need to avoid these mistakes as a work at home freelancer otherwise it can affect your reputation as well as your income.

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