Work at Home Jobs With No Startup Fees

Most people want to find a work at home opportunity that does not charge a fee.  Usually, it is because they are concerned about being scammed.  Scammers will usually offer a deal that is too good to be true and then will likely ask for personal information and a bank account number.  It is important that you avoid sites that ask for that kind of information. It is very important to be aware of the popular work at home scams online today. Here is a list of some great websites that do not require a startup fee.

Work at Home Opportunities that Don’t Charge a Startup Fee

I will try to keep this list updated for those who do not want to pay any upfront fees to start a home-based job. If you personally know someone that would be interested in finding a work from home job with no startup fees, feel free to share.  – This Company offers online tutoring opportunities.  You are able to set up your own schedule depending on your availability and they do not charge any sign up fees.

Accolade Support – This Company will bring you on board as an independent contractor to provide PC desktop support.  The pay offered is between $8.25 and $10 an hour.  They do not charge any fees.

Aim-for-a-Tutor – To be considered for a job with this company you need to send a well written resume to  [email protected]  You will need to include a paragraph that says why you are interested in the position, provide your available hours, give your skype name and how much you hope to earn.  Once hired you will provide one-on-one tutoring online.

1-800-Translate – They hire people to work as freelance translators from around the world.  No fees involved.

Speakwrite – They hire only from Canada and the USA to work as typists.  They receive many applications and as a result they will often put the application process on hold. Keep checking back from time to time.

The Coding Network– You need previous work experience for this position.  They hire medical coders to work from home.

Great American Opportunities– If you enjoy data entry this is a great opportunity for you.  You work as an independent contractor keying in magazine subscriptions and gift orders that come in for their school fundraising projects.  In order to qualify for the position, you will be required to take and pass a test.  The email to use when sending your resume is [email protected]

Google Ads Quality Rater – The position involves carrying out an evaluation of google search engines.  It is a part –time work from home opportunity.  You need to have a college degree to qualify for this position and you must also take and pass the test that they administer.  They provide training before you can work for them.

Click n Work – The positions available with this company are numerous.  They include web searchers, data entry, writers and phone interviewers among others.

Brainfuse– This Company offers flexible hours working from your home as an online tutor.  They do not charge any fees to start.

Terescription– You will need foot pedal to work with Terescription.  They hire for the position of transcriber in the entertainment business and you get to work from home.

AB Global – You need to be bilingual to work as a translator in this family owned company.  They do not charge any fees to get started.

1-800-Flowers – This Company is based in New York.  They are a flower company and they usually hire call center agents on a permanent, seasonal and temporary basis.  You need a land line telephone, internet access and a computer in order to work for them.  It is important to note that they hire from specific states only.  You need to have previous call center work experience and over 18 to work for them.  Your communication and writing skills should also be good.  You can check out their website for further information.

1-800-Contacts – This Company looks to hire customer service reps to work from home. You need to be within a 50 mile radius of Draper, Utah in order to work for them.  They pay about $10 an hour with added incentives.

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Need extra cash by taking online surveys? It’s completely FREE. Here are some recommended sites to use.


Mindswarms – This Company allows you to put in an application from your computer, tablet or smartphone.  The job entails completing video surveys on your webcam.  The pay ranges from $10 to $50.  Sign up is easy and there are no fees involved.

Balance Your Books – You need to be a Certified Public Accountant to get a job here since they hire CPAs to do accounting work.  There are no fees.

Virtual Bee– This Company usually has a waiting list.  They have data entry positions available and pay via PayPal.

Bzz Agent – If you enjoy product testing this is a great opportunity for you.  You do not need to pay a fee to sign up and once you are signed up they have take several surveys so that they can figure out which campaigns you would be interested in.  Once you have been accepted, products will be sent to your house and they will also include other offers that you will be able to share with friends and family.

SigTrack  – Signup with this organization is fast and there are no charges.  They hire for data entry work processing registration forms and signatures.  The work is seasonal so should only be considered as an extra money earner.

Verbal Planet– The opportunity on offer is that of online tutor.  Students to be tutored log in from all over the work.  Payment is via PayPal and there is no membership or other fees involved.

Capital Typing  – They hire customer support reps, transcriptionists and data entry personnel.  There are no fees charged.

Zirtual  – This Company hires “Zirtual Assistants” who work from the comfort of their homes.  Tasks that they need to complete include appointment setting, researching, travel arrangements and other tasks as assigned.  The pay begins at $15 an hour and there are no fees charged.

Opinion Outpost– You review products and complete surveys on the internet and get paid.  The pay comes in points which usually convert to between $1 and $20 for each survey you complete or each product you review.  There are no fees.

Babble Type – You would need to send in a well written resume to  [email protected] to work for this company.  They hire for the position of transcriptionist and project editor.  There are no startup fees.

Leapforce – Read Review – If you work for this company, you will be an independent contractor.  They hire for search engine evaluators and there is an evaluation exam taken in two parts before you can begin working for them.  The pay ranges from $13 to $15 per hour.  People from the following countries are open to apply; Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Brazil and the USA.  They do not charge a fee.

Fancy Hands  – They offer flexible jobs so that you are able to choose the hours that you can work.  You will need a landline and high speed internet to work this job.  The position is virtual assistant and you will be expected to carry out some clerical tasks.

Express Writers – They hire writers who can work either part time or full time.  In order to write for them you must pass their evaluation.  To put in your application you will need to submit three well done writing samples, and also fill out an online application.  There are no fees charged.

Goodcall – This is a telemarketing sales job.  You would be working as an independent contractor making cold calls to potential clients.  They pay $10 to $18 every hour.  The pay is made through PayPal but they only pay out once you get to a minimum of $100.  They do not charge any fees and they also do not provide any training.

Teletech – – They hire customer support staff to work from home.  The pay ranges between &8 and $9 an hour.  They hire US citizens only and there is no start up fee.

On Point Advocacy – They hire for writers, phone calls, political research and more.  They do not charge any fees.

Appen Butler Hill  – Work from home evaluating web searches.  This company has been in existence for over 10 years.  You need to be a native English speaker, living in the USA and have completed in a minimum of 2 college years.  They pay about $15 per hour and charge no fees.

Call Center QA– Become a mystery shopper over your phone and work from home.  You will earn about $5 to $10 for every call that is successful.  All you need is an email address and a mobile phone to start.  By filling out the application only you will be on your way.  They charge no fees.

Brighten Communications – They offer telemarketing opportunities for people interested in working from home.  Your job is to get sales leads by cold calling clients.  The pay to start is $12 per hour but with time you can make as much as $18.  You need to have a fax machine, a printer, a computer with anti-virus, a phone line and high speed internet in order to get started.  They do not charge any fees to start. – This comypany recruits writers to work from home. No fees are required to get started. Open worldwide.


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