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If you are attempting transcription for the first time, Transcribe Me is the best place to start and grow both your skills as well income in the long run. Working online is much easier with the variety of jobs available to make money from home. Transcription is one of the more popular non phone jobs. To be able to transcribe, you will need to have good listening skills especially to audio as well as video files and then type out what you hear within the shortest time possible.

An expert transcriber can convert many files within a day, resulting in good income across the sites they have signed up on.  It is common to find many sites offering transcription jobs through their sites, but there is one that stands out known as Transcribe Me.

About Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me is a service provider based online that offers its clients the opportunity to convert their audio as well as video files into text. The site is recognized all over the world for its skilled workers and highly accurate results it offers its clients worldwide. Since the company has been in existence for a number of years it has managed to build a huge client base as well as an expert workforce.

Even though Transcribe Me has seen a lot of growth in the last few years, the quality of their work has remained high, giving them the leading position among the many transcription sites available. In addition, it is a good place to start learning about transcription as it offers jobs to people that have no experience thus giving them a chance to develop their skills.

What is My Role as a Transcriber?

Listening to audio or video files and translating them into words is the basic job of a transcriber. These files can be of different lengths and languages depending on a client’s requirements. Furthermore, the files may be of different types with some being a conversation between more than one person, a single person or even a conference call.

Apart from converting the speaking part of the file, transcribers are also expected to add other information such as footnotes which may include an applause or chuckle that might have been part of the conversation.

If you plan to join Transcribe me, it is important to be aware that feedback is quite important on the site. Clients that have hired contractors on the site are allowed to leave comments on the work submitted to them. It is good to note that some clients will praise your work and others may  not even after putting in a lot of effort.

What Will I Need To Start Work at Transcribe Me?

Transcribe Me offers a number of jobs depending on your experience in doing such work for different clients. In most cases, they offer short files that need to be converted into text and these can be either in video or audio format. However, to increase your chances of succeeding on the site, there are a number of technical requirements that you may need to meet.

First, it is important to have the appropriate equipment for the job so that your output will be of high quality. A working computer is the basic machine for the work and can either be laptop or a desktop that works fast. Since you will be listening to conversations, investing in high quality headphones that make your sound experience much better is important.  In addition, to the hardware to be used for transcription, having reliable and fast Internet connection is crucial if you are to succeed on Transcribe Me. Majority of the work on the site involves  downloading files that you will listen to and type out for submission as per requirements.

How Much Will I Make at Transcribe Me?

Transcribe Me is known for offering competitive rates to those working on the site so that they can get value for the work submitted. On the other hand, they ensure that clients submitting projects also received quality work for payment made on the site. Generally, the pay varies depending on the project with the basic pay being $20 every audio hour. However, the payment can go higher depending on length and other specific instructions attached to the work offered. In most cases, a transcriber that delivers accurate work on time, increases their chances of  making more money.

Payment for work done on Transcribe Me is done through PayPal and so it is important to set up account on the site and have it verified. PayPal is a trusted site through which online payments are processed in a secure manner and allows withdrawals worldwide.  However, you must have at least ten dollars in the PayPal account for payments to go through successfully.  The payments are usually done on time and the site is known for its reliability in this area.

Applying for a Position

Getting hired on Transcribe Me has made is easy  for you to apply within a few minutes. To start off, you will need to sign up by providing personal details on a registration form on the site. Filling in the blank fields on the registration form is generally easy and resembles many such forms found online.

After completing the registration process, you will be required to do a transcription test that involves listening to an audio file usually between ten to fifteen seconds then typing it out. The test is to be completed in five minutes then submitted, after which it is graded. If you are successful then you will receive an e-mail giving further instructions and you will be allowed to work for the site as a contractor. However, if you are unsuccessful in the test you will get a chance to try again until you make it through and start working for Transcribe Me.

Transcribe Me hires people from all corners of the world and does not need those applying to have any previous experience. Even so they only accept transcription files in English, preferably American English from their contractors.  It is good to note that Transcribe Me does not employ anyone but hire you as an independent contractor.

Final Thoughts

Transcribe Me gives those interested in getting better at transcription a chance to do so while making good money on the site. If you are attempting transcription for the first time, then the site is the best place to start and grow both your skills as well income in the long run. It is one of the most reliable sites that will make you love transcribing while give you a chance to develop an attentive ear as well.

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