You Won’t Believe How Much Parental Leave Etsy Gives Its Employees

When you think of Etsy, you probably think of cute and Pinterest-y #craftporn, from customized wine glasses to necklaces made of reclaimed industrial metal [insert other hipster words here].

What you probably don’t think of?

Parental leave.

But that’s about to change, because the Brooklyn-based online marketplace just announced an amazingly generous new parental leave policy.

You probably aren’t going to believe it…

Etsy’s Amazing New Parental Leave Policy

As I’ve written before, paid parental leave is not required nationwide; in fact, only three states have policies in place.

Which means that, though Etsy’s policy wasn’t bad before, it’s now among the best in the country.

“Etsy employees will be eligible for 26 weeks of fully paid leave when they become a parent through birth or adoption, regardless of their gender, country of residence or family circumstance,” writes Juliet Gorman, Etsy’s Director of Culture and Engagement.

It took me a minute to process what 26 weeks really means — six months!

Even cooler: You don’t need to take it all at once.

“At least eight of those weeks must be taken continuously in the first six months,” Gorman explains. “The remaining 18 weeks can be scheduled flexibly over two years.”

Employees already get 40 hours of paid time off for volunteering, unlimited sick days, 12 holidays and 15 vacation days, according to Fortune.

Parental leave is on top of these benefits, confirmed Etsy PR representative Ariana Anthony.  

Why would Etsy implement such a generous policy?  

Because it allows them to compete with other tech giants — Netflix, 52 weeks; Amazon, 20 weeks; Apple and Google, 18 weeks; Facebook, 16 weeks — and, perhaps, because Etsy truly believes it will make the company better.

“Building a company is a team effort that includes the immense support we get from our families,” says Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson.

“I’m excited that our new leave policy will strengthen families and, as a result, the company as a whole.”

What do you think? Are you impressed by Etsy’s new policy?

Your Turn: Is Etsy’s parental leave policy too little, too much — or just right?

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